Private hospital in Staffordshire helps horse rider get back in the saddle in record time

Spire Little Aston has helped a Longdon horse rider recover quicker than expected from hip surgery – watch the story below 

Hip and Knee replacement patients at Spire Little Aston private hospital have been reporting better recovery times following the introduction of a new form of technology six months ago.

Patients, like 53-year-old Sally Johnson from Longdon, have been able to return to their active lifestyle much quicker and with less post-operative pain.

The surgeries are being performed with the help of the Stryker Mako technology – a robotic arm that is improving precision and accuracy during surgery. And Spire Little Aston has now performed over 50 surgeries using the technology since its introduction in November last year.

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What is the Stryker Mako system?

The Stryker Mako system uses CT scans to generate an exact model of the patient’s hip or knee, highlighting the damaged areas in need of removal. That information is then fed back through the robotic-arm allowing the surgeon to operate with more accuracy.

Horse rider Sally has undergone hip replacement surgery using the new system. She says: “Riding horses is my passion and I have ridden competitively at an amateur level to a reasonably high standard for many years. However, I had been suffering with pain from a deformed hip since my teens and this was becoming progressively worse.

“It reached the stage where it was becoming impossible to manage with standard pain relief and so affecting my enjoyment as well as my effectiveness. I could still ride – but not to the levels I wanted to.

“Two months after leaving hospital I was back in the saddle. Over the following couple of months my recovery continued and I am now out competing again – I can’t remember a time when I’ve so looked forward to the dressage season starting.” 

Spire Little Aston Private Hospital
The robotic arm helping hip and knee replacement patients recover quicker than expected

Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon Mr Gunther Selzer, who carried out the surgery, said he was delighted by the results of Sally’s surgery and praised Spire Little Aston for becoming the area’s first private hospital to install the Stryker Mako system.

He says: “It allows me to consistently optimise implant placement which, in turn, will give the patient a more natural-feeling joint. It also means quicker recovery times and reduced post-operative pain. 

“I am not saying that conventional joint surgery is a bad thing – I have carried out thousands of successful hip and knee replacements over the years – but robot-assisted surgery like this is certain to become more and more popular. 

“Medicine is on a constant journey forward and robot-assisted systems are certainly going to be a major part of that journey when it comes to joint replacements.”

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Richard Foulkes, Spire Little Aston Hospital Director, says: “We’ve seen huge interest from patients for the Stryker Mako system and Spire Little Aston is proud to be able to offer our patients this innovative technology.  It’s always great to hear recovery stories from patients like Sally, who has been able to put her injury behind her and go back to the life she had before her injury took over.”

For more information on the Stryker Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery at Spire Little Aston Hospital, please visit www.spirehealthcare.com or call 0121 353 2444.

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