Here’s how to style your classic wedding from dress to decor

A classic wedding is both chic and contemporary. We’ve got the decor and accessories to create your look 

Classic wedding
Classic weddings are super-chic and stylish

A classic look to your wedding can be made more personal by adding elements of something you both love – like Harry Potter or travelling!

Find a venue who can host both the ceremony and reception for you. A wedding planner can help with the creative parts of your day and organisation of menu and drink options.

Work with your florist and wedding planner to come up with colour schemes and floral arrangements that match you and your partner’s personality. If you want to keep it intimate and personal, simply include more handmade decorations and special touches.

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Depending on the cost of your venue, you might be able to spend a little more entertainment and extras. Consider including a live band, happy hour at the bar or even hiring a selfie booth or magician!

If still photos aren’t enough, hire a videographer. You can be as creative as you wish but we love the idea of having a mashup of your guests lip syncing to your favourite song!

£220 Lipsy
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