How to make university accommodation more homely

Have your young adults finally flown the nest and headed off to University? Here’s how to add a little homely comfort to their new abode

University living
Add some home comforts to their university living with cosy bedding . Credit Terrys Fabrics

Whether you’re children are starting their first year living in halls or they have moved into a student house, settling in to university living can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. But university accommodation is notoriously bland and basic and even the brand-new properties are empty and void of any personality. 

With freshers’ weeks now done and dusted, it’s time for the hard work to start. But, is the prospect of seeing your child spend upwards of a year studying and sleeping in a boring and uninspiring space enough to make you shudder? If yes, these tips are here to show you how you can easily make student accommodation both more homely and full of personal touches.

1. Upgrade the lighting

Lighting can make or break the ambience of a room and as the space is going to be used for both study and sleep it’s important to have several lighting options within the room. A study lamp is a smart investment, but for the ultimate cosy atmosphere, invest in some fairy lights. These twinkly numbers from Lights 4 Fun are perfect for brightening up any space.

university living
Lights 4 Fun

2. Rugs are your friend

Tired and dull looking carpets are all too common in student accommodation. And chances are the carpet that does adorn the space won’t be the most vibrant of colours. A rug can cover up the majority of the space. Not only will it distract from dreary carpet or flooring, it will add an injection of personality to the space. This unique rug from Urban Outfitters would be a great addition to a basic bedroom.

university living
Urban Outfitters

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3. Add memories to the walls

They say that university is the time to create memories. Help them to document their precious moments by adding a space to keep photos and memorabilia. If their university accommodation has rules surrounding pictures on the walls, invest in a noticeboard or grid instead. This one from Matalan can be placed on a desk and photos clipped on to it. 

university living

4. Choose cosy bedding

Everyone knows there’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed, so it’s important that you make their new bed as comfy and cosy as possible. Look to bed linen that has a high cotton count, not only is it one of the more comfortable materials to sleep in, it’s also easy to wash! For added style points, choose bedding that has modern or fun patterns and prints, like this fun flamingo set from Terrys Fabrics.

University living
Terrys Fabrics

5. Fuzzy furnishings

Throws and cushions are an absolute must for creating a space that feels more like home. By layering a selection of materials, their university living will appear both cosier and more inviting. Soft furnishings are a great way to update the style of any room without breaking the budget and can be utilised to add a splash of colour to the space. Go as crazy as you like with clashing shades and patterns – Marks and Spencers have a great selection that won’t break the bank.

university living
Marks and Spencer

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6. Potter with Plants

Plants are a great for adding a new dimension to any space. Their vibrant colour and air purifying tendencies make them a particularly good addition to a bedroom, just remember they’ll have to water them every now and again to avoid wilting! If you’re worried that the upkeep of a real life plant is asking too much, consider investing in some faux plants such as these dainty ones from IKEA.

university living

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