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Read more on the patient wellbeing model in operation at Avery Healthcare in Staffordshire. 

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Avery Healthcare has designed a healthcare model to help measure the wellbeing of its patients as a result of a growing interest in measuring subjective wellbeing across the health and social care sector. 

The Avery Healthcare Model helps to identify individual wellbing needs. Incorporating a single outcome measure for each patient that combines the three major aspects of physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

The Avery Healthcare Model

The Avery Healthcare Model details the concept of wellbeing and provides a structure to demonstrate and explain how wellbeing can be used to enhance the quality of life for the residents. It demonstrates how being engaged in meaningful activity can positively influence a person’s overall sense of wellbeing.

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The accompanying measure identifies any care needs, that when actioned, can improve a resident’s overall sense of wellbeing. Since its implementation across the 56 Avery Care homes there have been many significant outcomes where residents have experienced increased levels of wellbeing and an improved quality of life.

The Avery outcome measure acts as an assessment tool to enhance care planning and enables the carer to review and discuss with the resident about their wellbeing. It also captures responses about how the residents feels about their internal and external environment, therefore in turn demonstrating the effectiveness of the model.

Through this self-reporting measure, the organisation is able to identify key areas of a resident’s life that they either wish to continue with or change to increase their wellbeing levels; this evidences that as individuals we all have different needs, preferences and wishes that impact upon our overall sense of wellbeing.

This model and more is in place at Avery’s Care Homes in Staffordshire. With a dedicated Well-being & Activities Co-ordinator at each home, residents can enjoy daily activities within the home, community links and frequent excursions in their own minibuses.

Restaurant quality, nutritionally balanced dining is provided by award winning chefs, with Avery Healthcare current holders of the National Association of Care Catering Care Chef of the Year award.

Moving into care is an important step but you can rest in the knowledge that your loved one is enjoying the best of lifestyles delivered by highly trained staff to support mind, body and soul, all tailored to an individual’s needs. There are no joining fees and its all-inclusive no matter how much care is needed.

Visit www.averyhealthcare.co.uk for more information.

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