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Find out more about Avery Healthcare and the care homes they operate in Staffordshire

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Avery Healthcare’s Staffordshire care homes in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Rugeley and  Stoke-on-Trent deliver the highest standards in medical
care and senior well-being. Their approach to care is to nurture an atmosphere of togetherness and community, delivered in a luxury lifestyle.

The home’s primary focus is their residents’ well-being, to ensure there is the highest quality of support for mind, body and soul, achieved through their Well-being Programme and Measurement Tool. There is a growing government and academical interest in measuring subjective well-being across the health and social care sector. Avery’s Well-being Programme and Measurement Tool details the concept of well-being and provides a structure to demonstrate and explain how well-being can be used to enhance a residents’ quality of life.

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The programme has been implemented across Avery’s 56 care homes, and has seen many significant outcomes where residents have
experienced increased well-being in physical, psychological and social well-being aspects. This is evident at their Staffordshire care homes, where daily activities and classes are carefully planned. Some of the most popular activities are active dance classes incorporating music that appeals to residents to relive fond memories from dancing in their younger years, and gentle armchair exercise classes. Both of which are tailored to suit all residents, even those with restricted movement.

Gardening Clubs, Tai Chi, arts and crafts, and music therapy are also popular with residents, along with active mind interests such as giant group crosswords, quizzes and jigsaws. In addition, the homes also host frequent live entertainment including opera singers, ventriloquists, theatre shows and pianists. The variety of these activities ensures life is never dull!As part of the Well-being Programme, the dedicated Well-being and Activities Co-ordinators at each home work closely with residents to gather suggestions for ideas on activity requests and trips out in the private minibus, to make them person-centred and relevant to residents’ interests or their past memories.

These trips have taken the residents to many amazing places which highlight their incredible lives. Avery’s Head of Well-being and Activities, Zahid Khan, encourages making life meaningful for residents: “We are dedicated to fulfilling occupational needs, including accomplishment, affirmation, friendship and personal preference through our residents’ interests, cultures and beliefs. We help to supports a resident’s self-identity, normality and social inclusion to enhance their lives because we don’t want them to give up who they are because the need more support in their later years.

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Moving into care is an important step but you can rest in the knowledge that your loved one is enjoying the best of lifestyles delivered by our highly trained staff to support their individual physical, psychological and emotional needs.”There are no joining fees in Avery homes and its all-inclusive no matter how much care is needed. Rooms come fully furnished and with daily housekeeping. There’s restaurant style dining, landscaped gardens to enjoy the outdoors life in the better weather, and all the entertainment and trips are included. For more search ‘Avery Care Staffordshire’ on-line or on Facebook.

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