LIVING’s A-Z of Christmas – read this is you need a Christmas spirit boost!

Not feeling the Christmas cheer yet? Check our our A-Z guide to Christmas – we guarantee you’ll be singing carols and sipping mulled wine by the end

A-Z of Christmas
Just for festive’s sake – here’s LIVING’s A-Z of Christmas

We couldn’t help but put together this A-Z of Christmas cheer to help all those wannabe scrooges out of their spiral of doom and into the spirit of Christmas! It’s happening soon, so you might as well get in the mood! From games and traditions to food, drink and decorations – it’s the LIVING A-Z of Christmas

A is for Advent calendars

Who said Advent Calendars are just for children! And with the amazing luxury advent calendars on sale now, it’s a crime not to invest in one. The little miniatures and beauty must-haves will keep you going until next year! 

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B is for Bing Crosby

We all know that when Bing Crosby’s iconic voice comes on the radio it officially signals the start of the Christmas season and we had better start writing those cards. Trouble is, we’re still dreaming of that white Christmas. Let’s hope this year our dreams come true.

C is for Cocktails

There’s no celebrating Christmas without a few festive drinks and no better tipple than a cocktail or two. From a classic Mulled Wine or Eggnog to those spiced with cinnamon or ginger and the Espresso Martinis with a real kick – the Christmas concoctions served up at home or in your favourite bar are always a delicious treat.

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D is for Decorating the tree

Whether you do this on Christmas Eve or at the start of November – decorating the tree is a family tradition and one we take very seriously. From the elaborate designs to chic or traditional styles, the tree is the feature of any home over Christmas. And while there is always going to be fights over who gets to put the star on top and untangling the fairy lights. But on one ever remembers the arguments when the final bauble is placed.

E is for Elves

What would Christmas be without those trusty little elves? Well for starters, Santa Claus wouldn’t be ready for Christmas and the gifts would never be made… Santa’s little helpers are the epitome of Christmas.

F is for Family time

Christmas is the one time of the year when family time is prioritised. From lengthy (and boozy) dinners to drinks and games a plenty. Enjoy every single second.  

G is for Gifts

The giving and receiving of gifts is one of the highlights of Christmas for sure!

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H is for Hot Chocolate

With marshmallows and cream and sprinkles on top! A cosy winter evening is made perfect with a mug of warm hot chocolate! And this gift set will make the perfect Secret Santa present too.

I is for Ice skating

Christmas is probably the only time when you’ll think about heading to an ice rink, donning those skates and awkwardly slicing your way around the ice. But it’s Christmas and we all have a little more spirit at this time of year. Just be sure to wrap up warm and keep those hands out of the way!

J is for Jingle Bells

The Christmas carol that we all know the words to. Jingle Bells is as old as time and singing it never gets tiresome, unless you are trying to sleep and the neighbours are singing it at full pelt at 3am. But why not just join in? It’s Christmas after all and that excuse never gets old either.

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K is for Kings

The three wise men and their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were pivotal in the biblical story of Jesus’ birth.

L is for Liqueurs

The festive season wouldn’t be the same without those rich alcoholic drinks laced with the sweet flavours of chocolate, marzipan, butterscotch and orange would it? Think Baileys with an orange twist, Chambord, Advocaat, Disaronno and Grand Marnier to name just a few. The cabinet is always stocked ready for Christmas.

M is for Mince pies

The great divide happens at Christmas and it comes down to mince pies. Who is a fan of deep filled mince pies and who is not? There’s always one who doesn’t enjoy a bite of this crumbly soft pastry treat. 

N is for Nutcracker

From those cute little wooden soldiers to the ballet, The Nutcracker is the festive season all wrapped up.

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O is for O Come All Ye Faithful

Probably one of the most famous and recognised carols worldwide. You know you are humming it to yourself right now.

P is for Pyjamas

A brand-new set of Christmas pyjamas is an essential part of everyone’s Christmas Eve/Christmas morning rituals. 

Q is for Quizzes

The Christmas quiz – whether in the office, at home or at the local pub, it’s a very serious game. And don’t ever step on the quiz master’s toes.

R is for Rudolph

We couldn’t get through this Christmas A-Z without mentioning Santa and his reindeer and that of course includes the triumphant Rudolph with his cute red nose.

S is for Stockings

Hands up if your mum was still making you a stocking well into your twenties? Well, it’s one of the reasons why we love heading home for Christmas isn’t it!? Waking up to a packed stocking at the end of the bed is legendary and one tradition you are guaranteed to pass on to your children too.

T is for The Pogues

Love it or hate it, Fairytale of New York by The Pogues featuring the dulcet tones of Kirsty McColl and Shane MacGowan always creates a bit of healthy debate around Christmas time, doesn’t it? We think it’s one of the best Christmas songs going so keep it coming!

U is for Unwrapping

How quick can you create a sea of colourful paper in your living room? About 10 seconds. I’m pretty sure there is a Guinness World Record somewhere. But perhaps you are one of those people who likes to spread it out across the day, so you have presents to open after lunch and during the Christmas movie? Either way, unwrapping is one of the biggest activities happening on Christmas Day.

V is for Viewing pleasure

Well, what’s a family Christmas without plenty of Christmas movies and no matter how many times we’ve seen them, they are as brilliant as always. From Elf to Gremlins and Miracle on 34th Street – we watch and saviour them all.

W is for Wreath

The Christmas wreath is an age-old tradition where flowers, leaves, twigs and other festive foliage is bought together to resemble a ring. Usually these are placed on the front door of your home but they can decorate the home too. Many people craft these themselves using natural materials but you can also cheat and buy decent ones too!

X is for Xmas

While many of us think of ‘Xmas’ as a quirky and shortened way to refer to Christmas festivities, it actually has origins with Greek history – because X is the Greek word ‘Chi’. So there you go,  a fact for the Christmas dinner table if nothing else. 

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Y is for Yule logs

Chocolate covered fudge, cream and cake – the yule log, which has French origins, often gets overlooked for the more popular and traditional mince pies and Christmas pudding.

Z is for Zzzzzzzs…

If there’s one thing we can do over the long holidays, it’s catch up on some much-needed sleep. So, cosy on up in your bed, get the blankets out and have a well-deserved nap or two!

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