2020 star signs – Find out what 2020 has in store for you

 Wondering what the start of a new decade has in store for you? Check out your 2020 stars below!

2020 stars
What will 2020 have in store for you?

It’s the time of year when we all start to think about what will happen next. Will next year be the year when everything falls into place? Or maybe it will be the year when your career will finally take the direction you always wanted it to. However, it pans out we’ve got your 2020 stars below so you can have an idea of what’s in store for you and your loved ones! 


Get ready Aries as 2020 is set to be an active one, particularly with regards to career and work. It’s a good time to reach those long-held goals and take on new horizons. You’ll be full of energy but remember to take care of your health. Don’t let exercise and nutrition slide as you concentrate on achieving your goals. On the love front this could be the year for finding more fulfilling and loving relationships.

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This year is an important in terms of building for the future. You’ll find a renewed energy for working to your goals and a thirst for knowledge, especially around spring time. 2020 is a good year for finances and you might find you become more stable and secure thanks to an organised and typically sensible approach. In matters of love, this could be the year for finding a special someone if you haven’t already, and finding deeper and more satisfying connections.


Whatever it is you hope to accomplish and whatever dreams you have, 2020 is the time to put the building blocks in place. With Jupiter in your sign mid-year, there are likely to be some opportunities available and you’ll be eager for adventure. By the end of the year you might be working on a new career or project. 2020 will see an improvement in relationships. An existing relationship might become even more meaningful and you will begin to feel more confident in the area of love and friendship.


This is set to be an emotional and passionate year for Cancerians. You might find an abrupt change in your relationships early on but this will pass and this area of life will be enjoyable and the main focus of the year. An old friend or flame might return to your life. Creativity and innovation will be a major part of your life, both at home and at work, and you’re likely to find yourself more popular. This could also help to attract new opportunities and financially you could see big improvements.


This is likely to be a year of knowledge and growth for Leos. It will seem testing at times, but you have to keep in mind the big picture. It’s a good time to get your finances in order and sensible investment could be key to this. It will be a tough year for relationships, especially at the start. However, as the summer draws to a close your connections are likely to improve and this could be a good year for commitment.


2020 is likely to be an empowering year with new beginnings on the horizon. Despite upheaval in relationships, you will make major changes across many aspects of your life. Your career is likely to be the first to transform, whether it’s simply a change in how you work or a new job. It will all feel new and exciting and you’ll be more confident in taking risks for success. Just be wary about taking on too much but look forward to the many opportunities.


Children are important in your life this year, whether it’s new little ones arriving or finding your own inner child. Fun and frolics feature heavily. You will be determined to achieve your goals and as such your productivity will go through the roof. Finances will be good thanks to your interest in learning and developing new skills, but still remember to exercise caution where investments are concerned. Make sure you get good advice.

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A year for major growth, Scorpios have got an interesting 12 months ahead. Work will continue to improve as it did in 2019, and you might find extra responsibility coming your way. Don’t fall into the trap of being a workaholic however. Discipline is needed. Life experiences this year will have a profound effect on what you think and believe. Explore your creativity and be cautious with investments. You’ll be given a lot to think about this year.


Change is the key word for you in 2020. It appears there might be quite a bit of it coming as you begin to overhaul your life and learn and grow. Relationship difficulties will be replaced with successes instead. Friends, relatives and romantic interests from the past might reappear this year. Your focus will be more on changing yourself rather than your job . You may find yourself committing to a relationship later in the year that is stronger and healthier.


2020 is the year you seriously find your passion. Love and romance are significant and you’re on your way to creating the ideal world you want. Yes, it will be a struggle to balance love, family, home and work, but persevere and you will find a fulfilment in your life.  This is a year of being more sociable too, so this could lead to more satisfying and enjoyable relationships. Pursuing hobbies and interests that you enjoy will be important so make time for these.


Anything can happen this year, you will be feeling – full of optimism. There’s so much opportunity in the air and you have plenty of dreams that you’d like to push forward into reality. You are energised and ready for new ways of doing things and new ideas. Self-confidence levels will be high so capitalise on this. Finances are looking buoyant and money may find you. Relationships could be something of a sticking point this year, though, whether love, friendships or work ones.


2020 will be a year of creativity for Pisces. There are likely to be more work opportunities, especially early in the year. Unexpected financial troubles could pop up, however, so it’s important to have plans in place. Romantic relationships are set to be fairly calm and any minor altercations can be solved with communication. Those who are single might see an interesting individual coming into their life. Keep an eye on your health, both physical and mental, however.

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