February: This month you should be turning to nature for 2020 interior design trend Biophilia

Heading back to nature: How to get the Biophilia interior design look in your home 

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Image: Cult Furniture

A shaky political landscape coupled with increasing pressures on the environment and a move to a more sustainable future has resulted in one of the biggest interior design trends of 2020 – Biophilia.

Fashion has already begun to incorporate natural tones and accessories, drawing inspiration from the world around us and interior design is no exception. There has been a shift in favour of natural materials and greenery to feel a connection with the outside world. As a society we are finally becoming more aware of the impact our buying habits can have on the environment and we are seeing raw wooden surfaces replacing last year’s modern high-gloss counterparts.

Biophilia interior design trends - Sanctuary Living

Sanctuary Dining by Dunelm

Pax 2 Rattan Dining Chairs £99

Kelso Dining Table £399, Lucy Cane Voile from £12

Leena Natural Pendant £22

Small Green Leaf Vase £8

Recycled Glass Jug £12

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How to get the Biophilia interior design look

Most vintage furniture can be found in darker tones like walnut and as we look to use what we have, rather than manufacture new pieces and drain resources, this look is being reflected in the pages of spring and summer look books.

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The natural look has been reflected in the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020: Tranquil Dawn. This fresh, motivational green can brighten up any room.


Aside from Pantone’s Classic Blue, green is very much back in style, with plenty of foliage and natural light. Add some dashes of subtle animal print and you’re on to a winner.

Biophilia interior design trends - Green interior
Zebra + Leopard Vases from £31.95 Audenza
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Finally, we’re seeing more scalloped edges emerging in furniture, as well as tiles and cabinets.

Biophilia interior design trends - Scalloped edges

Regal Skull Velvet Cushion Cover, Moss Green £85

Scalloped Oyster Velvet Chair £375


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