The revolutionary incontinence chair that promises to change your life

Could this chair be the answer to those embarrassing little leaks that every woman will have to deal with?

The incontinence chair that promises to make your life better – now.

It’s 2020 and women are more powerful than ever before. We’re running multi-million pound businesses, we hold high-powered positions, we are making decision that matter every day. Yet, millions of us – of every age – are still being held back by a taboo that has plagued us for generations. Incontinence.

We’re all aware of those annoying little leaks and dribbles that can happen just about anytime, anywhere, but too many of us are scared to talk about it or even take action to prevent it. And, for many of us, the fear of laughing a little too much or a sneezing fit – god forbid, we set foot on a trampoline – is all just too much and it’s having an affect on our mental health, our social lives and even our bank balances, as we spend thousands on products in the hope it helps. 

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The truth is that incontinence is going to affect millions of women and it’s not age specific. It could be due to giving birth, surgery, the menopause or neurological issues – none of which are shameful or unnatural.

Better Life Now UK, based in Wolverhampton, claims it has the answer. A pain-free, non-invasive treatment which is revolutionising women’s lives in just six sessions over three weeks!

The Esmella Chair was bought by Suzanne Morison, the founder of the company, from the United States. Suzanne had suffered from urge incontinence for many years and was becoming increasingly isolated and anxious. The results were so astonishing, Suzanne wanted to help other women with similar issues have a “Better Life Now” and knew with this revolutionary treatment she could.

Watch Suzanne’s story 

Working with her daughter in law, Gloria, the duo work from their homes, aiming to make clients feel relaxed about the treatment. They want this treatment to be accessible to every woman of every age and offer a variety of payment plans to make sure that cost isn’t a barrier to stop women getting to live the best life they can.

Please call Suzanne or Gloria on 01543571833 or 07376 069032 for a confidential chat or take a look at the website www.betterlifenow.co.uk.

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