March: This month you should be spreading the feel good factor with wellbeing interior design

Wellbeing interior design continues to be a strong focus for 2020’s hottest new trends

oakfurnitureland wellbeing interior design
Wellbeing interior design. Photo: Oakfurnitureland

There’s currently a push towards making the places we live and work more welcoming, calmer and far less stressful. Last month we told you everything you need to know about Biophilia – interior design which draws on a close connection with nature. In February, we’re looking at continuing that style by focusing on creating a calm space to relax and unwind.

Wellbeing interior design using natural and biodegradable materials

Figures show that 15% of renovators using Houzz stated that ‘integrating green materials’ was a priority when completing renovations. The word ‘eco’ also made it into the 2019 most-searched-for keywords on Houzz.

Kotak Rattan Mirror £78 Oliver Bonas (Due April )
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How to achieve wellbeing interior design

Sustainable materials combined with botanical wallpaper patterns pay homage to the natural word around us and add interest to any room. 

Clematis Mural Wallpaper Pink £185 Sian Zeng
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Colours inspired by nature, such as forest green, ripe olive green, bronze, earth yellow and ochre are becoming more sought after, as are muted neutral tones like grey, navy, black and beige, with searches for ‘black bathrooms’ on the rise.

Photo: Oakfurnitureland
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Time to bring wellness into every aspect of you life including your home! For more interior design trends, take a look at our ‘At Home‘ section. 

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