Ben Fogle chats about his latest Tales of the Wilderness tour heading to Stoke this March

Ben Fogle will be bringing his tales from the wilderness tour to Victoria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent this March

Ben Fogle tour
Adventure master Ben Fogle sets his sights on Stoke-on-Trent for latest tour

Fancy yourself as a bit of an Indianna Jones? You need to take a lesson or two from the master of adventure! 2020 sees TV explorer Ben Fogle back on tour and he’ll be heading to the Victoria Hall in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent in March.

Fogle will recount tales of his thrilling adventures – from crossing the Antarctica to conquering Everest – during the show celebrating a career that has spanned two decades.

The author and TV presenter has climbed Everest, been swimming with crocodiles, saved elephants, dodged pirates, been marooned for a year on an uninhabited island, walked to the South Pole, crossed the Empty Quarter with camels, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, tracked the migration of the wildebeest, swam from Alcatraz and had a flesh eating disease.

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“Climbing Mount Everest had been a childhood dream so was a huge highlight,” he says, “but the last ten years making New Lives in the Wild has also been very special; I have met so many extraordinary people all around the world and I’ve made friends for life. The time I rowed across the Atlantic with James Cracknell was pretty epic too.”

Fogle, who has published ten bestselling books and is the United Nations Patron of the Wilderness says his exploration of different countries and cultures has made him a much better person.

“I have experienced so many different adventures;” he says, “they haven’t all been easy! I have pushed myself both physically and mentally, and I have been able to contextualise my life and learn from other people. I’d like to think all my adventures have made me a better person – a more tolerant, curious and compassionate one.”

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Tales From The Wilderness will be at Victoria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent this March. 

“It’s quite scary to put yourself out there,” Fogle says of the show. “You are naked – not literally you will be relieved to hear! You have no one to fall back on. The experience is visceral, just like the stories I am recounting. I wanted to challenge myself, and the audience with expectation. I wanted to write a show that was both enlightening and uplifting, and I really think this comes across. I wanted a tonic to the current ills of the world, a polarisation of all the bad, the divisions and the intolerance.”

Tales From The Wilderness is at Victoria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday 19 March. Tickets from £29.40 (inc. booking fees). For more information and to book tickets visit www.benfogle.com or the Victoria Hall Box Office online at www.atgtickets.com/stoke or call 0844 871 7649.

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