Top 10 interior design trends for 2020

We take a closer look at the interior design trends destined to make our homes look and feel good in 2020 

Ready for a New Year overhaul of your home? Perhaps you’re planning a major kitchen renovation or bathroom makeover, or just want to freshen up your living room with paint and accessories? It’s time to find out what’s new for 2020. 

“Individual style is key for homeowners in 2020,” says Nina Bailey, the UK Design Manager at Formica Group. “Homeowners are beginning to combine traditional and contemporary materials to achieve an eclectic mix in the home, creating a purist look and forming a delicate fusion of cultures.”

Whatever the job, we’ve got the lowdown on some of the hottest interiors trends for 2020 to give you just the inspiration you need.

10. Patterned bedding and hotel luxury

Bold bedding is set to take centre stage, with your duvet cover providing a place to be arty.

Interior stylist Lara Hutton, of Sheridan, says art bedding should be styled with a simple bedside table or minimalistic lamp.

“Keep the wall and art as subtle background elements to ensure there is no visual confusion,” she says.

“Select a block coloured cushion and throw, to bring a delicate balance. Finalise with texture. It’s always recommended.”

Hotel Luxury is also key to a good night’s sleep, with top quality bedding and textiles aiming to provide a five-star feel.Interior designer Emma Ward, from stitched.co.uk, said the biophilla trend – for humans to interact more with nature – will also be big for bedrooms.

“Biophilla will inspire pattern and palette - soft muted colours with floral and botanical patterns,” she says. “Maximalism when added will be in accents - cushions, window treatments and artworks.”

Photo credit: Oasis Home

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