87% of Brits want this classic chocolate back

A new study reveals the chocolate bars that Brits want back on the shelves

chocolate bars
The original recipe creme egg is the most requested revival

The original Crème Egg recipe is the most popular chocolate bar Brits want back, according to a recent poll.

The study by online marketplace onbuy.com, which asked people to vote for the chocolate bars they want back from a list of 10 discontinued products, saw a massive 87% vote for the chocolate egg-shaped treat – a recipe which Cadbury’s changed in 2015.

The return of Galaxy Truffles to a box of Celebrations came in 2nd place with 73%. This comes after recent news that Milky Way ‘Crispy Rolls’ have been reintroduced into boxes of Celebrations.

In third place is the much sought after Mars Delight, which was discontinued in 2008. 

The least popular treat is revealed to be the Texan Bar. Manufactured in the 1970s and 80s and brought back for a one-off release in 2005, the Texan only gets 24% of the vote.

Cadbury Dream, White Malteasers and Flake Snow are included in the list. 

OnBuy.com surveyed 2,473 people.

chocolate bars
The full list of chocolate bars surveyed. Shutterstock/Craig Russell

Do you have another chocolate bar you’d prefer to see return to the shelves? Share with us in the comments below.