Pack light using a humble fashion item for mix and match style

Packing light for a holiday is never easy.

There’s a strange comfort in knowing you’ve got plenty of outfits to choose from each day.

It’s probably the reason many of us end up taking too much and frantically trying to cut back when it comes to tipping the scales at the airport.

A capsule wardrobe is usually the answer, putting a series of tops and bottoms together and altering them around to create different styles and looks.

However, if you really want to lighten the load of your suitcase this year and even limit what you take to a carry-on case or holdall, we may have just the solution.

It all comes down to one simple item – a swimming costume.

Now you might be scratching your head but stick with us here, because the humble swim suit could actually prove to be something of a game-changer when flying to an overseas destination.

For swim suits actually make perfect tops. Pair them with trousers, a skirt or shorts and you’ve got the perfect body suit. All you need to add is some jewellery and a pair of sandals, and perhaps a simple linen shirt over the top too and you’re good to go for an elegant evening dinner look.

And the best of it is you can don the same suit, accessorized with a sarong, at the beach the next day so you get one outfit and two great uses. Swimming costumes are also small and light so don’t take up too much room in your case either. What a bonus!

The beauty of swimsuits on the high street these days is that there is so much choice in terms of style, colour and pattern so you can create so many different looks.

We’ve rounded up some of the loveliest, which will work well with a skirt, trousers or shorts for both day and evening. Now all you need is the sun cream.


Swimming Costumes


Evening options


Daytime accessories



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