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Allen Brown Jewellery - Specialising in handmade fine jewellery with an onsite workshop where you can see your jewellery being created

Allen Brown certainly does have experience in the exceptional and is renowned for his contemporary classic designs using coloured diamonds, platinum and other precious metals.

From a farmer’s son who helped milk the dairy herd with his parents on the farm in Staffordshire to the successful business owner he is today.

Learning the basics of jewellery making whilst at King Edwards School in Lichfield in a general studies class, Allen progressed to an Art and Design course at Stafford College, before completing a BA course in three-dimensional design with an emphasis on jewellery and silversmithing from Sheffield Hallam. 

View the Allen Brown Jewellery video here which gives an overview of the services offered

Allen then went from holding exhibitions in a workshop made out of an old chicken pen on the farm to acquiring a unit at Ridware Arts Centre.

At that point, Allen also lectured part time at Burton College and went on to employ one of his students who showed he had a natural talent – Charlie still works for Allen now, 30 years later!

You can always find Charlie on the bench in the onsite workshop crafting and creating fine pieces of jewellery. 

In the early 1990s Allen moved to Heart of the Country at Swinfen where he has remained ever since.  

“Heart of the Country has been a perfect location for my business, creating a stylish and relaxed environment for our customers.” - Allen Brown

Allen’s business has an emphasis on commission pieces where bespoke truly means bespoke – never repeating the same piece twice.

By specialising in the unusual his pieces really stand out. And from initial brief a bespoke and individualised piece can be created from scratch working with customers and their specific requirements and budget. 

“I love working one to one with customers where we work together to create a truly individual piece, that they are doing to love and enjoy wearing.” - Allen Brown

Another popular service includes remodelling where Allen and his team can transform your older pieces of jewellery into something you can wear and enjoy remodelled into a brand new design. 

Perhaps you may have a family piece that would benefit from being transformed into a more modern and contemporary piece of jewellery? Allen and his team carefully separate existing pieces and transform their metals and stones into new pieces whilst carrying forward all the sentiment from the loved one they inherited it from. 

Often it’s hard to visualise what Allen and his team can do with old pieces of jewellery. In the gallery are lots of before and after examples to showcase what is possible. Sketches of design ideas are produced to help make the process as smooth as possible for the customer 

The gallery has a large selection of ready to buy one off pieces of jewellery on display, which are made to Allens designs and ready for customers to view and buy.

This allows Allen to work with his one true love…stones.

Allen loves stones – especially coloured diamonds. The stones themselves usually lead to Allen’s design idea, and often as soon as he sees a stone it suggests a design.

For each item, they sketch and they develop several different ideas taking traditional techniques and settings one step further. Discovering the most appropriate piece for each stone so that its shape, facets and colour are displayed to the best advantage.

Allen also has an upstairs workshop along with a viewing gallery so you can watch pieces being made. The workshop is a hive of activity every day with the team busy designing, making and creating.

The team all specialise in different parts of the business and bring their own talents. They all work on the jewellery collections so this allows all members of staff to give design and technical advice to customers, advising them on suitability of stones and settings to help their ideas become a beautifully crafted piece of bespoke jewellery. 

Located in tranquil surroundings at Heart of the Country it is a beautiful place to spend the day in rural Staffordshire with plenty of outside space.

When inside the gallery, it allows you the time and space to browse. Here you can view commission or remodelling examples, design sketches and the vast collections of gold and silver jewellery. 

Consultations are available at the jewellery gallery. Follow Allen Brown Jewellery on social media for details on the latest collections and updates. There is also an online shop available on their website with a limited portion of stock from the gallery.

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