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Arbor Vitamins is the brainchild of Jon Wright, a Clinical Pharmacist from Staffordshire. Through Jon’s advanced understanding of pharmaceuticals, he knew that certain medicines shouldn’t be taken together, and the same is true for vitamins and minerals. Most everyday supplements contain competing interactions (which can reduce absorption), and this is compensated for by higher doses of poor absorbing nutrients, alongside bulking agents such as talcum powder. All this increases the potential to cause harm to our bodies. With his expert knowledge, Jon discovered the optimal way of taking supplements and as a result, Arbor Vitamins was born. Arbor Vitamins is built on and backed by the science behind supplements: minimal interactions and maximum absorption. As a result, the first product TRINITY was created: a three-a-day vitamin formula leveraging compatible nutrients to maximise their benefits, at the time of day you need them the most with absolutely no fillers or bulking agents. Taking one-a-day multivitamins means you are taking all your daily vitamins and minerals in one go, resulting in minimal absorption of each nutrient, often at the least effective time of day. For example, when taken with iron, calcium can reduce the amount of iron absorbed in the body by up to 50%! In addition, TRINITY maximises the benefits of each nutrient by releasing each at the time of day they will have the most benefit for your daily routine. For example, the night formula contains Magnesium to help your body repair, recover and the morning formula contains nutrients like B vitamins to boost morning energy levels.

Founder Jon speaks explains the gap in the market that his brand addresses, saying “the Arbor Vitamins team has done all the hard work on compatibility and absorption, so you don’t have to. The morning formula boosts energy levels and improves mood, the day formula maintains focus and energy levels and the night formula helps repair and recover our bodies whilst we sleep, as well as improving sleep quality. All this is wrapped up in a nice little (vegan friendly) package: TRINITY.” He goes on to note that “now more than ever, consumers are taking a real interest in the science behind taking vitamins, minerals and supplements and that’s where Arbor Vitamins comes in”.

Follow Arbor Vitamins journey and get your hands on their hero product TRINITY on their website and on Instagram @arborvitamins. 

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