The Story of Little Seeds

Its 2015, we are both working separately within the hospitality industry but both have a passion to create something new and exciting in the area. We set about plans to create our own restaurant, somewhere we ourselves would love to dine. We secured the capital we would need using start up loans. Then in June 2016 we got the keys to a small restaurant in Stone and started to create Little Seeds. With a two-week time scale from collecting the keys to open this restaurant we refurbished the whole place, built bespoke furniture and lighting we even had our very own lawn (inside). We started to build a loyal guest base, some people we still see weekly today. Over the next few years we kept reinvesting into the restaurant to bring it to its full potential. Opening with a casual food offering using local suppliers evolving to what it is today, a fine dining yet accessible offering. The menu development is always at the top of the priority list and grows using classical techniques and seasonal ingredients. 2019, the second refurb, we had come so far and set about Little Seeds 2.0. The grass had served its time and we welcomed a new wooden floor, we had a change of colour scheme and some lovely new crockery, much more in keeping with our new menus. And then Covid-19. we pivoted into a dine at home service, providing locals with tasty three course meals they could finish off simply at home. We didn’t waste the extra time we had on our hands, we transformed the unloved outside area into a dining and drinks terrace with outside bar and upgraded our private dining room to a more luxurious space to celebrate those special occasions. The end of 2022 brought a huge surprise with our first entrance into the Michelin guide, the whole team were delighted to be listed amongst restaurants we had admired for years. This brought an influx of new foodie guests to our door and allowed us to be more adventurous with our A la carte and tasting menu offerings. Today, over 7 years since it began, we are continuing to create a restaurant that stands out and improves the hospitality scene for the area. We have an amazing young team that have grown with us along the way and we look forward to what the future of Little Seeds could look like.
Our little independent restaurant is based on hard work, passion and pure determination to be a little better every day than we were yesterday. Every guest is special to us and we hope to offer each person who walks through the door a unique experience.
We believe that we are currently offering fine dining in a relaxed setting which is accessible to many, we are doing this by offering a range of menus to suit different budgets and tastes. Currently available across our opening days is our A la carte menu, this menu offers the best of the current season presented in a modern and skill full way. This menu is designed to be fulfilling and introduce you to unique flavours and ingredients you may never have experienced elsewhere. 
From this our tasting menu is developed, chef’s favourites of the season, refined further and delivered to you as a sequence of small plates so you can experience more of what we offer in just one sitting. Our carefully selected wine pairings showcase the level of flavour a perfect pairing can display. To compliment this our
Saturday set lunch menu invites you for a snippet of what you can expect from the full tasting menu, a brilliant gateway into our restaurant and a great way to relax over a weekend lunchtime.
Over the coming months we are excited to burst into spring with an abundance of new ingredients becoming available. Our terrace will undergo a lot of TLC so guests can sit and enjoy a pre-dinner drink amongst the herb garden.
Join us this Spring to enjoy a personal dining experience, from the garden to the wine list and whichever menu you may select our team are on hand to make sure you leave Little Seeds with a new idea on what a restaurant can be.
See you Soon!
Sophie & Jake


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