How to create a functional spare room

We asked online interior designers, mybespokeroom.com to help out with our home dilemmas, here’s how to create a functional spare room.

Functional spare room
Got unused space at home? Find out more about functional ways to use a spare room.

Ok, so you have a spare room?

Let’s be honest, perhaps it’s currently a dumping room; somewhere to hang up the washing and keep clutter out of sight? You’re thinking, or have been thinking for quite a while (or few years) what can you do with it?

Some thoughts you’ve had might include a peaceful yoga retreat or meditation room?  An art studio, library or music room? Or even a home sauna or home gym for those who fancy getting serious with their fitness?

It’s not a surprise that we have had a lot of requests for ‘multi-functional’ spare rooms lately as we need to get a lot more out of our spare space.  These rooms tend to be used for a lot of things and need to be versatile. Often to accommodate the extra guests at Christmas to a home office space some of the time, and dressing room most of the time.

functional spare room
Find out more on functional ways to use a spare room. Credit: Shutterstock

We have helped many create their perfect rooms from scratch for just £150 per room. Simply visit www.mybespokeroom.com and complete our simple online brief so we can get to know you better. You will then be paired with an interior designer who will work with you, your budget and your style, to transform your space.

So, now’s the time to get rid of all that furniture you don’t quite know what to do with and take the space seriously no matter how big or small.

Many of us are sitting on a space that could be making us much happier if we just think big and plan it seriously.

Our Top Tips Include:

  1. Consider a sofa bed to save space and offer dual functionality. Gone are the days of complicated and uncomfortable designs. There are many affordable and stylish options to choose from these days. We love the Aissa Sofabed from Sofa.com.
  2. For space saving desk solutions, we love leaning bookcases with writing areas. Not only are they on-trend, they can hold a lot of books and other bits and bobs in a simple, stylish and compact way e.g. The Hambledon Desk from Garden Trading.
  3. Think high as well as low. High-level storage can offer some additional much-needed space, as well as positioning beds on a raised level to have more surface area underneath.

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