What are the school options out there for our children?

There are many different institutions out there to educate our children but what exactly are the options?

Teacher Teaching Lesson To Elementary School Pupils With Pupil Asking Questions.

The school spectrum: what options are there available?

State School

The first option on most people’s list is a state school, the free education system provided to kids from aged 5 to 18 years old. A state school (or free school) is usually funded by the local council or government with little or no support from businesses or private organisations. There are also a number of academies, run by a governing body, faith schools, special schools and technological colleges, which all come under the free school umbrella, but might have a slightly stricter selection process, and can follow a slightly different curriculum.

State Boarding School

State boarding schools provide free tuition but fees are applicable for boarding. These schools are usually run by local councils or the government or as an academy. Priority places are often given to those children who need to board but places are open to all as long as it is in the child’s best interest.

Private School

Independent or private schools are not funded by the government and charge a fee to parents wishing to send their children. These schools do not have to follow the national curriculum but they are registered with the government and inspected regularly; these reports are available to parents online. Many private schools will offer both a day and boarding option for children.

Private Boarding School

The UK has long been associated with a very high calibre of private boarding schools. They are fee based institutions which often have some form of entry selection process. There is round the clock care for children who will live and go to school on the same campus during term time. School days are usually longer but the leisure and sporting facilities available are varied and exceptional.

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