cook a perfect steak

Read these tips on how to cook a perfect steak at home

Ever wondered how to cook a perfect steak? We give you the cooking tips to serve up a succulent, melt-in-the-mouth steak at home – you’re welcome!

It’s Friday evening after a long week and that bottle of Merlot is calling. But it’s crying out for a succulent, flavoursome steak, singed just a little on the char-grill to go with it. Then you remember the last attempt at cooking one at home and you realise you have no idea how to cook a perfect steak – heart sinks…

If you’re craving the perfect steak without the restaurant price tag, look no further. From investing in the best quality meat you can afford to turning the heat up high, award-winning chef and restaurateur, Nick Galer, is here to answer all your questions. 

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Where’s the best place to buy a steak?

The source of your meat is the most important thing about buying beef. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with rubbish that people really wouldn’t want to eat if they knew the background on it.

You’re best finding a local butcher, picking their brains on their providers and looking for the queue of regular customers going out the door. If they know their stuff, they’ll be able to tell you about the breed and the abattoir. They should also be able to provide you with the best cut for your tastes.

Which cut is best?

Restaurant menus worldwide place the biggest price tag on fillet of steak, but if you want flavour packed into your meat you’ll likely enjoy a cut with more fat marbled through it like a rib-eye – which also has that close to bone flavour. At the end of the day, if it’s been well cared for and you then cook it well, it’ll taste great.

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Does 28 day aged really matter?

For me it has to be dry aged a minimum of 28 days. The process of ageing means that the carcass hangs in a temperature and moisture controlled room. The time the meat has to rest genuinely benefits the flavour.

What’s the best way to cook a perfect steak?

Assuming you don’t have a char grill as part of your home kitchen, go for the griddle. Get the pan as hot as you possibly can. The caramelisation that comes from searing the meat on a hot griddle adds wonderful taste while killing any bacteria. You need to reach a dark golden colour the outside of the meat.

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How to cook a rare steak?

I would always recommend removing meat from the fridge before cooking it, particularly if you like your meat on the pinker side. That way, you’ll get heat through the meat even if it’s only in the pan for a brief time. It’ll need about 15 minutes to come to room temperature.

On that scorching hot griddle it will only take about minute on each side. If you like you it a little more cooked, leave in the pan longer or transfer to a medium hot oven for five minutes.

Does it have to be steak and chips?

Naturally, chips are the go-to serving suggestion, but add one of your five day by simmering some broccoli in a mixture of water and butter. Alternatively, steam the broccoli and serve with a nob of garlic butter. Either way, it’s slightly more decadent that your average vegetable accompaniment and isn’t something you’ll produce every day at home.

Now all that’s left to do is to find a steak knife and enjoy!

Nick Galer is chef patron at The Miller of Mansfield in Goring on Thames on the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border.

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