Fit Flip at Flip Out Stone is one exercise class you’ll love

The latest fitness class from Flip Out Stone can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. Here’s what happened when we went trampolining

Flip Out Stone
Could you jump onto this block? One of the exercises to master at Flip Out Stone’s Flip Fit class

If you’ve not heard of Flip Out Stone, it’s a large warehouse venue on the outskirts of the town centre, which is bringing a new style of fun to trampolining.

Having just expanded its range of  ‘Flip Fit’ fitness classes to include daytime, as well as evening classes, we were invited to give it a whirl.

Armed with not much information, and just a little bit of trampolining experience, we set off to put our fitness to the test, and, boy, did we do that.

Time to Flip Out

On arrival you have to sign in and run through a quick waiver form (standard stuff really considering you are going to throw ourselves around for an hour) before meeting up with our lovely instructor Grace.

She ran through what would happen during the class and a few safety rules before handing us our very own pair of  special Flip Out Stone socks, which have rubber pads on the bottom to help with balance.

Flip out Stone
Lunges, planks, jumps, and more. The Flip Fit class will make you sweat but you’ll love it

We all took our places on a section of the main trampoline area. Each section has a different exercise assigned to it such as lunges, sumo squats, star jumps or holding a plank.

Each exercise is carried out for a minute before moving on to the next.

After the first minute, we all looked slightly petrified at the thought of having to complete an entire hour, but Grace reminded us that we’d have a 5-minute break after each 20 minutes… phew!

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Give it all a go

The exercises are varied in difficulty but all designed to push you to your limits. To say we were put through our paces is somewhat of an understatement.

There were five of us in total, all with various levels of fitness, and we were glad to have each other for moral support!

Having said that, as with any exercise class, the more you go, the easier they become.

I think if you made Flip Fit at Flip Out Stone a regular part of your weekly fitness programme, you’d start to see results quickly, and progress too.  

Time for toning

Next came the toning session. Grace went through a series of movements which we held for either 30 seconds or a minute each. 

Finally, there was just enough time at the end to egg Grace on to perform a few tricks for us. She was feeling slightly under the weather but she still managed to give us a flip or two. 

Tips if you go? Don’t eat beforehand, leave about 2-3 hours. Take plenty of water and wear comfy gym wear. Take it steady, listen to your body and give each one a go, you might surprise yourself!

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Our advice

Amy: “It’s more exhausting than anything I’ve ever done before but enjoyable!”

Cheryl: “It’s harder than any boot camp class I’ve ever been too but the most enjoyable one by far.”

Cheryl B: “I’ve not really been to a class before so I  didn’t know what to expect, but I still gave it a go. It definitely looks easier than it actually is!”

Nancy: “I’ve always loved trampolining so when you combine this with a series of difficult exercises and positions, you have a fun but hardcore fitness class, and it’s great.” 

Suitable for all abilities, the hour-long Flip Fit classes at Flip Out Stoke cost £6 per session on a pay-as-you-go basis and are available on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm and 8pm, as well as Fridays at 9am. 

You can also combine a Fit Flip class with an hour’s bounce for one child aged 30 months to 6 years on Fridays at 10am and 11am during term time. 

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