autumn skincare tips

Ask the expert: What are the autumn skincare tips to try now?

The changing season means changing your skincare to correct any damage caused during the summer months. Royal facialist and Founder of Heaven Skincare Deborah Mitchell offers her advice on the best way to restore radiance.

As the temperatures start to drop and the summer becomes a distant memory, it’s time to rethink your skincare routine. The air becomes drier as we move into autumn and your skin loses moisture. Add to this the damage that all that lockdown sunshine can do and you’ll notice your complexion is in need of some TLC. So we asked facialist to the royals and founder of Heaven Skincare, Deborah Mitchell to share her top autumn skincare tips. 

Getting your autumn skincare right now means you’ll not only feel refreshed and revived, but you’ll also have laid the groundwork and prepped for the harsher winter weather ensuring it is fully nourished and protected against the drying effects of cooler climes.

Here’s Deborah’s top tips to restore radiance 

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1. Exfoliate each day. 

Getting rid of daily pollution and dead skin cells is essential to keep you complexion in tip top condition, especially if you suffer blocked pores, blackheads, fine lines and dryness. Exfoliating speeds up the skin’s natural healing process, restores clarity and lightens pigmentation.

2. Go for a thicker moisturiser

You can get away with lighter moisturisers throughout the summer but as the seasons change you need one that will boost hydration levels and help increase elasticity.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is essential for the skin – it is, after all, the body’s biggest organ – and making sure we take in enough of natures good stuff every day is essential. While your daily moisturiser plays an important role in this, you may find that it needs a helping hand. 

4. Heal your hands

When we wash our hands too much – as we are all, quite rightly, being asked to do so now – the harsh chemicals in many off-the-shelf gels makes our skin too alkaline and this is when it starts to become dry and flaky. You need a super nourishing hand cream to help restore this balance. 

5. Introduce a serum

While traditional moisturisers sit on the surface of the face, serums have smaller molecules so can penetrate the epidermis and deliver ingredients directly into your skin.

Love these autumn skincare tips? Scroll down to see Deborah’s top recommended products to help.

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