How to be more mindful in every day life

Check out or tips on how to be more mindful every day. It's time to find a fresh new approach to living your life!

Being mindful is a great way to look after your mind says Superdrug’s mindfulness expert, Claire Diamond “One of the most transformative realisations we can ever have is to realise that everything in our lives is experienced through thought. We don’t always see this in the moment,” she says.

“The only thing we can do is to be curious about our experience of the world. The more we read, watch and listen, the more likely it is that we will have an insight about the nature of thought that will shift our perspective and change our outlook.”

So how can we be mindful in every day life?

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Mindful Tips


1. Stop for a second and take notice everything around you. The warming colours of your bed sheets, the fresh fruit salad in the fridge and the softness of the rug under your feet. Be aware of the way these things make you feel and find yourself in the present moment rather than just going about your day on autopilot mode.

2. Make mindfulness part of your daily routine whether that’s during your morning commute or workout session or while you load the dishwasher. Find that half an hour where you give yourself some TLC.

3. Try to break the mundane routine of your day, whether that means wearing a new colour to the office or swapping to a hot desk in the office for the day. Try and view your surroundings from a different perspective.

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4. Make time for yourself to meditate or practice your breathing to help with the stress of everyday life. If you have had any confrontation or negative energy during the day try and take the time to process this and make sense of it in your own mind before facing it head on and dealing with it.

5. Workout the warning signs you are starting to feel down, control thoughts and organise the in your brain so you don’t let negativity affect you in the wrong way.

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