National Home Security Month

10 ways to keep your home and possessions safe this National Home Security Month

This National Home Security Month we tell you the best ways to improve your home security and protect your possessions

As the darker nights draw in, now is the time to take action against thieves and protect your home and possessions in preparation for autumn and winter. This National Home Security Month, we look at 10 ways you can keep things safer at home. 

Brits love their homes more than ever according to new research by Yale. It’s no surprise seeing as we’re spending 46 per cent more time at home than ever before. And even more interestingly 35 per cent of us now consider our homes as our primary place of work. So it makes sense that we should take the proper precautions to protect our space as best as we can. 

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1. Door security 

This might be obvious to some, but according to 74% of burglars walk in through a door!

Improving security can be as simple as making sure you check doors are locked before you leave the house. You should also make it a habit to keep doors locked while you are home too.

But there are also modern technologies which can add an extra level.  

Anti-snap locks, smart locks and multipoint locking mechanisms can all make it harder for thieves to strike. 

2. Safe and secure

Smaller easy to carry items are usually the things that burglars will grab first – items like cash, mobile phones and jewellery, for example. 

Installing a small safe at your home to store valuable items can be a deterrent to burglars. 

3. Check your insurance 

Scarily, smaller items like cash, laptops and other portable items are often not covered by content insurance, so it’s a good idea to find out from your insurance provider what is and isn’t protected by your policy. 

In fact, some six million households across the country don’t have any home insurance at all! Having insurance won’t bring back the sentiments associated with anything that is stolen but it can help to reimburse you for valuable items. 

4. File your paperwork 

Interestingly, burglars look for important documents such as birth certificates, bank statements and passports to take when they enter a home as this enables them to steal your identity and even get access to your bank accounts. 

Keep these documents locked away in a safe to ensure they are protected from opportunistic thieves. 

5. Lights, camera, action 

Security lighting is known to put off intruders.

Bright, motion-sensored lights can light up your front or back space, increasing visibility and highlight if any potential intruders are making an approach to your property. 

And in addition to lights, the installation of CCTV is the biggest deterrent for burglars. However, only 14% of UK homes have cameras installed at their property. 

There are now so many ways to catch an intruder in action such as security cameras, and even video doorbells. 

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6. Sound the alarm 

An alarm may be old school in today’s modern world but it’s definitely one of the most widely used and effective deterrents to burglary. 

A survey by Which? found that 71% of burglars are put off from continuing with an attack if they hear a loud siren.

So if you don’t already have an alarm system installed, this could be the way to go. 

7. Smart security

Nowadays we can control most things from our smart phones. And home security is no different. 

There are now a number of gadgets and technologies which can help to protect your home and provide peace of mind while you are away from home. 

Everything can checked and managed from your phone from door locks to alarm systems and CCTV. 

8. Going out with a bang!

As we move into autumn and winter there are a number of events which will provide increased opportunities for thieves. 

In fact, it’s been proven that burglaries spike by more than a third when the clocks go back, with November being the most common month for burglaries. It’s more important than ever that you are aware of your home protection and your personal safety now that the days are getting shorter and the nights darker. 

Plus, as homes become filled with Christmas gifts and we head out to more events and activities like firework displays, there are even more opportunities for thieves to strike. 

Make sure you double check window locks and door locks and keep your movements off social media so thieves are not aware when your home is empty. 

9. Neighbourhood watch 

Neighbourhood Watch is nothing new but it’s a really effective way to help protect your home and those of your neighbours and the wider community. 

Being aware of your surroundings and letting your trusted neighbours know if you are going to be away from your home for prolonged periods of time can help to make sure that your home is protected. They can keep an eye on things and record if there are any unusual happenings going on. 

10. Stay alert 

Remember to always stay alert at home. Be vigilant about locking windows and doors and try not to post openly about being away from home on social media – these are tools for thieves to know when you won’t be at home. 

Gadgets and technology can be expensive but they are certainly worth it when it comes to protecting your home and possessions. Read more about National Home Security Month at

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