Keeping it Real

Stripped back, easy beauty is bang on trend for summer.

Life might be returning to normal, but that doesn’t mean our beauty has to. And if lockdown has taught us anything about our style it’s that less is more… hands up if you’re still struggling to ditch the loungewear? So, when it comes to beauty, the trend to keep it real, tone down the products and opt for a more natural look, ironically, has the power this summer.

But how do we maintain that glow and get that ‘made up’ look without overusing the cosmetics?

‘Skinimalism’ is the beauty trend that has industry influencers all excited this year. The idea that a minimalist approach to skincare will not only improve our complexion and overall look but also be kinder to our bank balance and the environment.

First coined by Pinterest Predicts, the online scrapbook’s trends platform, it says that: “Skinimalism is the new glow up. It’s the end of the caked-on make-up look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new ‘effortlessly chic’ routine is simple and sustainable.”

The portal bases its predictions on the trends it sees in searches by users, so skinimalism is something we have been waiting for rather than beauty editors telling us what routine to follow. And it seems like a natural progression as we move out of lockdown restrictions, and the more stripped back (non-existent) makeup look we’ve become accustomed to – because who needs to have a full face of makeup to binge watch Bridgerton?
What has happened is a complete overhaul on how we see things, and what we thought as important and essential pre pandemic is now not on our priority list. Our attitude to life including cosmetics and skincare has changed. We’re more in tune with our mental health, we’re more conscious of the environment and certainly more aware of our finances and the beauty industry is listening.

Lisa Payne, Senior Beauty Editor at global trends intelligence company Stylus, says “The global pandemic really shifted consumption habits in 2020. This was seen very strongly in beauty, with people using and buying their regular products in a totally different way. For many, budgets were tight, for others, they couldn’t get hold of their favourite products, and elsewhere overt, lavish and conspicuous beauty consumption felt incongruous with the wider world’s feelings towards austerity, minimalism and pragmatism.”

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So how exactly do you follow the trend?
Well, say goodbye to endless steps in your beauty routine. It’s time to streamline your personal care and understand that you can still take care of your skin and look your best with less products overall. But it’s also about being much more aware of what ingredients you are using and opting for ‘clean’ beauty overall, which is better for your skin and the world in the long run.
Why should we do this? It’s no secret that excessive products are not good for our skin. In fact, overuse can end up making our skin worse, causing us more irritability, redness and tired, dull looking skin. So, the answer is to search for quality over quantity.

Look for products that do more. Ask yourself: Do I really need a product for each part of my face? Do I need a separate cream for the day and another for the night? The answer is probably no. Skinimalism is about finding those simpler, more natural ways of care without compromising your skin.

And when we come to makeup, isn’t it about time we give ourselves a break and our skin a breather? When contouring was in, we were hooked by its magic, but the products it takes to nail that perfect alignment took its toll. And it’s just not functional during a hot summer or while you’re on holiday.

What are the benefits of Skinimalism?
If you’re not convinced, let’s talk about why it’s such a good idea to follow this trend:

In the money – you’ll generally be sending less on products so that means you’ll be quids in. And with more money in your pocket each month, you can enjoy doing more, or even save for a well-deserved holiday when we are finally able to do so with ease.

Improve your footprint – using less means less packaging but also using better products that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable with the ingredients.

Job done – streamlining your routine and focusing on what really matters means you’ll find a product that does exactly what you need.

Feel better – there’s nothing worse than feeling heavy with make up or giving up your time to a relentless skincare routine. Skinimalism not only gives your skin a boost but your mental health and wellbeing too. We promise.

But going all natural and still looking good isn’t easy. Yes, there are those few who don’t need much more than a good, tinted moisturiser and a bit of lip balm. But if that’s just not going to cut it for you, how can you still look hydrated, stay protected and enjoy that dewy, smooth glow with minimal fuss?

How to get naturally glowing skin
Forget about the endless claims and promises you see and read about products. Take a look at your skin and decide what you really need to focus on. What works for one will not always work for another. Naturally glowing skin can really be achieved by a less is more approach, and don’t forget that allowing your skin to breathe regularly without any products can help to detoxify and renew the skin.

For a daily routine, using a cleanser combined with a purifier will help to nurture your skin and give it the tools to repair overnight. In the morning, we all need to have protection from the sun so use a moisturiser with a good SPF included as a base for your skin. Then it’s a case of addressing your own skins needs.

If you are worried about redness or you have acne breakouts, then there are products which can address these issues as well as giving you a smoother complexion and a hint of colour.

If you are fair skinned, using a natural face tan can give you that subtle lift of colour without the need for applying a heavy foundation product every day.

Tinted moisturiser is another way to add colour, smooth your complexion and stay hydrated all at the same time. Combine this with a good all-round concealer to combat dark circles and highlight your features, as well as helping to cover any blemishes.
If you are planning a glam night out but want to keep your skincare on the natural side, you can add some shimmer powder to give you face that lovely sparkle.

This is generally it in terms of preparation and base, especially if you are following the Skinimalism trend. It may seem like too much has been taken away, but in reality the less products we use on our skin, the better it will look and feel. The natural look is not only good for our skin but it saves time and energy too!

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Natural everyday makeup
So, now you’ve taken a couple of steps or possibly a giant leap back with your base, it’s time to complete your look with clever finishing touches. Opt for light make up products on areas where you feel you need it the most and this will give you a look you can wear every day.

Brows and lashes are good places to start as they enable you to define your eyes without heavy liner or mascara products. And, actually, if you have a dark complexion then just a hint of booster gel can tidy your look up and frame your face.

If you have fair hair and like to deepen your brows when you re out and about then you might want to consider a lash and brow tint, minimising your need for additional product. Or why not opt for semi-permanent treatments such as microblading for your brows and lash extensions if you prefer a fuller eye look. Both of these limit your need for daily product while still giving you a complete look.

Finish with a little warming bronzer or blush and a tinted lip balm to give that perfect pout.




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