Pamper at home with a relaxing bath

When you’re looking for some self-pampering at home, there’s nothing better than starting with a relaxing bath.

Creating the right ambiance is key so some low lighting or candlelight is the perfect way to start.

Light some scented aromatherapy candles and get some fresh fluffy towels at the ready.

And for the perfect bathing experience try some Olverum bath.

RELAXING: Olverum Bath oil.

It boasts a unique blend of therapeutic oils to rebalance skin, revive tired muscles, open stuffy airways and bring a sense of relaxation.

The oil is also cruelty-free and vegan so it’s naturally free of petrochemicals.

Developed by Edith and Franz Otto Klein, a pharmacologist and winemaker from Germany, the pair were founders and pillars of the 1920s European spa renaissance.

Inspired by the house blend of their favourite spa in Baden-Baden – nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site – the Kleins spent two years perfecting their therapeutic oil. Containing extracts from ten aromatic plants, carefully selected for their individual therapeutic properties and the synergistic interaction of their effects.

More recently, the rights to the formula were handed over to the Hawksley family – founders of famed London perfumery Les Senteurs – who are bringing the brand to the attention of a new generation of natural health and beauty enthusiasts.

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