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Understanding the sustainability of electric cars

Electric cars and sustainability seem to go hand in hand.

Indeed, we hear a lot about sustainability – how to live more sustainably, how to make more sustainable decisions and how to buy sustainable products.

But what role does it actually play in the car industry?

Auto Trader recently published an in-depth piece about the impact and sustainability of electric vehicles (EVs). It’s a good starting point to understand how the rising demand for electric vehicles, the mining and manufacture of EV components, and the lifecycle of EVs play into long-term sustainability efforts.

The piece includes insights into:

  • The infrastructure challenges of meeting the rising demand for electric cars
  • A look at sustainability strategies within the car industry
  • The impact of increased manufacturing of EV batteries and chargers
  • The global efforts towards increased transparency and traceability of EV supply chains
  • Circular economy; initiatives to reduce scrap and landfill waste from EV manufacturing
  • Helpful advice for responsible electric car ownership

It also shares data and stats such as:

  • 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to help the environment
  • The UK will need 6.99 million charge points by 2030 –- 1.66 million of which will need

To learn more about the sustainability of electric cars, read the full guide here; https://www.autotrader.co.uk/cars/electric/understanding-sustainability-electric-cars/


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