Watch out for the fashionable hazards in your wardrobe

You might gaze in your wardrobe every morning looking for fashion inspiration for your outfit of the day.

And with the recent heatwave you probably never think of the dangers that lurk.

Apparently, however, there are many hazards with your summer essentials.

You might innocently slip on a pair of flip flops or sunglasses without a second thought.

But according to personal injury specialists National Claims you’d actually be surprised at the damage they can do – and that’s why claims soar when the temperatures rise.

Dan Brito, National Claims Managing Director says: “We don’t want to scare people – the summer is a wonderful time of the year, especially when the British sun shines.

“However, we are also seeing a rise in personal injury claims and we want the Great British public to stay safe and healthy. Each year, we help clients receive compensation for accidents that weren’t their fault. We see first hand the life-changing outcomes of these accidents. We are always on the side of the public and want to help as many people as we can to avoid issues and accidents.”

So what are the major risks hidden among your clothing?


The flip-flop

We might all slide a feet into flip flops at this time of year but did you know that more than 200,000 accidents are caused each year in the UK by these summer staples?

National Claims advisers say: “We love a flip flop as much as the next person but we advise wearing them in suitable environments, such as the beach or around the pool. They are not suitable for long walks on uneven surfaces and terrain as they offer no protection for anything which might fall on your foot.”



Sunglasses are a must-have when the sun is shining and the best advice is to always purchase your pair from an optician who can properly fit them to ensure they are comfortable. However, with the rise of fashion glasses, there is also a rise in the risk of accidents. National Claims warn of frames that might block or jar your vision, especially when driving.

Advice from the experts at National Claims is to seek professional help from your optician and ensure your vision is never impaired regardless of whether you’re driving or a pedestrian.



For most, heels can lengthen the look of your legs and offer extra height. However, personal injury specialists warn of the damage wearing high-heeled sandals and shoes can have, especially if you’re wearing them on uneven surfaces such as decking, which can traditionally be found near or around the beach.

Heels are great but to ensure your safety while wearing them, National Claims recommend ensuring you have a nice even surface.


Oversized hats

The sun, at its strongest, can be damaging. It’s always advisable to wear sun protection on our skin and to protect our faces. Hats are a great way to do this. But, choose wisely. Some oversized hats can actually block your vision and stop you seeing potential hazards and risks.

Advice from the experts is to always protect your skin. If you do choose a large hat, ensure you can see properly when you’re wearing it and that you can see your surroundings to be aware of anything which could cause you personal injury.


Flowy clothes

Summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to get those flowy trousers, skirts or dresses out and on display for all to see. While they’re the perfect way to keep cool in warmer climates, they’re also incredibly subtle trip hazards, especially when they reach past your feet.

National Claims specialists say: “We’re not saying to bin your summer clothes, far from it in fact. Things like belts to keep the fabric above your feet or simply holding the material up while you walk can be the difference between enjoying your holiday in the sun or making it one to forget after you tripped and hurt yourself.”