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What could your spare room do?

What is your spare room? An office? A laundry? A dumping ground? Now consider all that it could be, an opportunity to make a difference to the life a child.

And that is the first step of your journey into care – a spare room.

Capstone Foster Care, an agency supporting vulnerable children across Hull are calling out for those with a spare room to consider if now is the right time to foster.

The agency, which operates nationwide as well as locally, takes a holistic approach to fostering, offering therapeutic support to both its children as well as foster carers, so support is always on hand as you begin your caring journey.

And being a foster carer isn’t as hard as you might think, here are the first few steps that you will need to have to consider being a foster carer with Capstone –

  • To be over age 21
  • To have your own home or tenancy
  • To have no previous convictions of harm to a child
  • To have a big heart
  • Some experience of caring for children
  • And a spare room solely for the use of your foster child.

A spare room, coupled with a big heart and a passion to make a difference to the life of a child. Of course, the spare room matters – it is important that it is a flexible space that can be made as unique as each child is. A sanctuary for them to call their own.

The spare room is only the first step of a journey. But when that journey leads you to your goal and you welcome that very first child into your home it is worth going back to that room and understanding the importance of its four walls.  Start with the basics, neutral paint with a few customisable options is a great start to give some control and identity back to your child – you can work together from there.

It is so important that they feel safe in that space. Perhaps white walls, with a few options for canvases on the walls – remember when you foster that the age ranges can be quite broad, so don’t stock up on space themed duvet sets. What an eight-year-old boy will like is very different to what a fifteen-year-old boy would like. Not all girls will like pink, keep your options and your minds open.

But with a few thoughtful choices the space can be transformed for each individual child. Think, bed covers, wall hangings, curtains and rugs, they can make a huge difference and help give the room some personal identity for your child.

Keep in mind that your child might want to make changes and the bedroom might go through several layout changes if they are with you long-term. This is a good thing, you want your child to feel at home.

Make it warm, make it welcoming.

Think about textures and comforts. Let them know that this is their space, their blanket, their towel. Every house is different, so don’t feel afraid to tell them about yours and definitely don’t feel silly about showing them how the shower works!

And just like that, it is no longer a spare room. It is a home, it is a sanctuary, it is a place for a child to feel safe.

If you have a spare room and are interested in hearing more about becoming a foster carer with Capstone Foster Care, call the friendly team on 0800 012 4004 or visit


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