Capstone Foster Care – Matching Process

It’s all in the matching for Capstone Foster Care. Have you ever wondered how looked after children are placed with a fostering family that is perfect for them? Well, it is all in the matching process.

Capstone Placements Manager, Sunjay explains, “Here at Capstone, we are not a heads-in-beds organisation. We take time and care to make lasting matches.”

So, what types of things do Capstone consider when matching a child or young person to a potential fostering family?

  • Interests and hobbies – we like to take into account hobbies as much as we can, this can help break down initial barriers and are great conversation starters.
  • Cultural and religion – while it is not crucial to make cultural matches, having a good understanding of the child’s religion or culture is vital in order to make the child feel safe and secure in the home.
  • Diet – children may have specific dietary needs that must be catered too, so we must think about this during the matching.
  • Geography – probably one of the most important factors is to create as minimal disruption for the child as possible. To find a family that is close enough to the child or young person’s school, and after school clubs so that the child can continue as much of a normal routine is beneficial for all involved.

Great matching allows for greater stability to the lives of our children and young people, and in order to continue to do this Capstone needs a pool of exceptional foster carers, that are as diverse and unique as the children we care for.

If would like to know more just give us a call on 0800 012 4004 or visit


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