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Niall Keating at Lunar

Born in Staffordshire, Niall Keating undertook his first kitchen role back in 2010 when he joined the Michelin starred, Bath Priory Hotel as a commis chef, quickly climbing the ranks to become sous chef. Niall’s resumé is more than impressive, having worked in several Michelin establishments across three countries – Sat Bains, Benu and Kong Hans Kælder. Pulling from this vast experience, Keating has cultivated his own distinctive cooking style that combines and balances various culinary influences from Asia and Europe. Keating’s menus merge contemporary and classic styles in terms of ingredients and presentation, all greatly influenced by his travels.

Niall moved to The Dining Room at Whatley Manor Hotel, Wiltshire, in 2016 winning the restaurant 2 Michelin stars before he turned 30. The first star was awarded just 8 months after opening in 2018 and that same year saw Niall win Michelin’s Young European Chef Award. The second star was won in 2019 and in 2020 Niall starred on BBC2’s Great British Menu, where he was crowned Champion of Champions. Niall went on to take part in the renowned program as a veteran judge in 2022 and his commitment to sustainability was recognised at Whatley Manor with a Michelin Green Star in January 2021.

When opening Lunar, Keating expressed an immediate interest in the opportunity, being drawn towards the appeal of a project local to his hometown that celebrates the rich history, revolution, and environmental impact of the Potteries. At Lunar he has created a modern dining experience that is not only about the food but also reflective of the past, whilst maintaining the viewpoint of protecting our future with a sustainable presence.

Keating is a true thought leader in the culinary industry and is working alongside Lunar in a bid to hold themselves accountable for both their ethical and environmental standards, working with sustainable producers and suppliers to avoid waste and reduce or even remove non-recyclable materials from their supply chain. Our aim is to continue the revolution that initially began in the Potteries and build upon Keating’s reputation and success after his being awarded the Michelin green star.

Other successful ventures of Niall’s include the Paradise Carriage, making appearances at festivals and private events across the UK, as well as joining the Williams F1 racing team as Brand Associate in 2022.


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