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Barons Eden invests £1.5 million into Biomass Heating Project, set to reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

Barons Eden, the award-winning Hotel and Spa Collection, has completed a project that will reduce its CO2 emissions by over 40%. In partnership with Reheat, a new Biomass heating system has been installed at Hoar Cross Hall… and is set to save over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year. The Barons Eden Collection houses Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel in Staffordshire, and Eden Hall Day Spa in Nottinghamshire.


The impact that the business, the staff, and their guests have on the environment remains a core focus for the Collection, as they seek to blend blissful wellbeing experiences for guests, whilst also finding ways to adapt, innovate, and explore when it comes to sustainability. The collection was one of the Founding Members of The Sustainable Spa Association, now known as Sustainable Wellness. The non-profit organisation was set up in 2020 to offer independent guidance and benchmarking, to aid companies in their sustainable efforts and credentials.


At the start of 2019, the Board of Directors at Barons Eden, took the decision to look for more sustainable energy alternatives for supplying the heat demand at Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel, a huge initiative to reduce the current carbon footprint emitted by traditional kerosene boilers.


Hoar Cross Hall, one of Europe’s largest Spas, is situated in Staffordshire within 43 acres of historic woodland and picturesque gardens. Completed in 1871, the historic building offers an award-winning Spa and Hotel, with 104 stylish suites and rooms. Spanning over 85,000 sq ft. the Spa hosts a wealth of facilities, including; a Saltwater Vitality Pool, a Hydrotherapy Pool, Nordic Heat and Ice Suite, Snooze Room and much more.


In consultation with Reheat, it was determined that the year-round heat demand could be met by locally sourced biomass. As a result, Hoar Cross Hall has invested £1.5 million into a 1MW biomass heating system comprising two state-of-the-art 500kW biomass boilers and is set to reduce carbon emissions at Hoar Cross Hall by over 55%. The wood fuel will be sustainably sourced from the National Forest, less than 20 miles from the Spa hotel.


Founded in 2011, Reheat is a leading provider of renewable heat and power consultancy, design, installation, service, and maintenance, for businesses and communities to accelerate the transition to sustainable and low carbon energy.


The use of sustainable woodchip promotes positive woodland management by utilising low-grade timber that would otherwise have gone to waste. Stimulating woodland management improves biodiversity and climate change mitigation, as well as encouraging landowners to plant new trees. As a result, Hoar Cross Hall can provide its guests with year-round reliable and sustainable heat as part of a premium Hotel and Spa experience.


The team had to consider the challenge of sustainable modernisation whilst maintaining historical preservation, as the origins of the Hall dates back over 600 years (originally developed on the site of Needwood Forest in the 11th Century), whilst maintaining an award-winning standard to guests and residents. The evolution ties perfectly into the development of the Collection’s 2030 Sustainability goals.


Phil Murphy, Managing Director at Hoar Cross Hall, commented on the project, “Another milestone has been reached at Hoar Cross Hall, as we see the completion of our Biomass facility, one of our key company initiatives is to work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Biomass heat source has allowed us to take a huge step forward to achieving our goal.


Being one of the largest Spa Hotels in Europe, its’ essential that we keep ahead of the curve when it comes to our energy consumption and impact on the environment, being in the heart of the National Forest, Biomass was the obvious choice. We have been extremely proud to work with Reheat on this project and drive positive change to the business.”


Barons Eden continues to reaffirm its sustainability targets, with commitments to remain in line with the UN’s Business and Sustainable Goals. Biomass is one of a broad range of sustainability initiatives implemented across the Collection, ranging from recycling, removing plastic from day-to-day operations, zero-landfill, locally sourced produce, energy reduction initiatives, solar panels, working with sustainable luxury product brands such as, Elemis and Voya, and training and developing our staff to reinforce a culture of sustainability.




  • Reheat and Barons Eden began consultation back in 2019 to replace the Hoar Cross Hall’s oil-based heating system.
  • There were several challenges to ensure no disturbance to the picturesque location, which is of historical importance, with its origins dating back to the 11th
  • After an assessment by Reheat, it was determined that the year-round heat demand could be met by locally sourced biomass, with a system containing two 500kW biomass boilers designed and installed by Reheat.
  • Hoar Cross Hall has not only dramatically reduced its carbon emissions from its direct operations, but also the processing and transport of its biomass fuel, which is sourced from in and around the National Forest, less than 20 miles from the Hotel grounds. This was also appropriate as the village of Hoar Cross, was originally developed on the site of Needwood Forest.
  • Reheat advised on sourcing wood fuel and has established a long-term heat supply contract that allows Hoar Cross Hall to focus on its award-winning Hotel and Spa experience, with reliable and sustainable heat provided year-round for its guests. It also promotes woodland management, which utilises low-grade timber that would otherwise have gone to waste, and instead feeds a highly efficient heating system.


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