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Newly crowned The Best Independent Restaurant and Best New Tourism Business in Staffordshire at the Enjoy Staffordshire awards, Lunar by Niall Keating at Wedgwood has made its stamp by providing a new and exciting dining experience to the area. Founders of the restaurant, entrepreneur Craig Wilkinson and 2 Michelin Star Chef Niall Keating are now looking to expand at the World of Wedgwood to provide accessibility and knowledge of the produce used in the kitchen at Lunar, as well as promoting local suppliers from the Staffordshire region.

Lunar Storehouse has teamed up with Josiah & Co, an already established shop at The World of Wedgwood showcasing local artisans. The two brands will be working together to create a space for foodies where customers can see, and purchase produce used at Lunar and from the area. With dry aged meats available to order, exclusive caviar, truffles, and other produce that pass through the Lunar kitchen, customers will be able to experience the same quality they enjoy on the dishes served in the restaurant two doors down.

The two spaces will work side by side, with similar values of ambition, love of Staffordshire and providing unique products.

Niall Keating says “I am so pleased to be able to get started on this project, to be able to celebrate our fantastic suppliers, the area and give a new angle to experiencing what you taste in the restaurant. Hopefully it gives people an opportunity to appreciate the quality and source of their meat and produce. I see this as only the beginning stage and I look forward to taking people on this journey with us. We hope to be able to provide customers with more and more unique products from the Lunar kitchen over time.”

The future of Lunar Storehouse is an exciting one, with plans to expand Lunar specific products as well as curated food packages with recipes. There will be workshops held in the space in collaboration with Josiah & Co on a range of topics from butchery to flower arranging and many more.

Lunar Storehouse will be located alongside the restaurant on the World of Wedgwood site, which is ever expanding.

Laura Cook at Josiah & Co, World of Wedgwood says “It’s been a great project to work on, bringing another unit to World of Wedgwood championing local supply. It’s a great addition to Josiah & Co and follows the same ethos. Really looking forward to developing Lunar Storehouse with Niall and the team to deliver exciting events, workshops, networking and more. ”


Lunar storehouse will be open to the public from Wednesday 3rd May onwards.


Lunar Storehouse

World of Wedgwood



ST12 9ER


Instagram – @lunarstorehouse


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