The only gift guide for babies and children you’ll need this season

In the bustling heart of Affinity Staffordshire, nestled among high street outlets, boutiques and designer stores, lies a hidden gem – the enchanting store that caters to the tiniest members of our families. With its curated selection of beautiful gifts, clothing and accessories for babies and infants, this treasure trove elevates the art of gift-giving to a new level. Welcome to the world of From The Stork Bespoke Baby.


This is not your typical baby and children’s store; it offers a quality collection of clothing, toys, comforters, and accessories from brands like Joules, Blade & Rose, Beatrix Potter, and Little Dutch to name a few. What sets this boutique apart, you ask? The answer is personalisation. In an era where mass-produced goods dominate the market, From The Stork Bespoke Baby has carved its niche by allowing you to add that personal touch to your precious little one’s possessions in-store at no extra fee.


Clothing is where From The Stork Bespoke Baby truly excels. Their range of baby and children’s attire is nothing short of exquisite. Browse through an array of baby onesies, tiny tops, and cosy coats as well as many more, all uniquely designed with an attention to detail that rivals even the top fashion houses. The finest materials, intricate embroidery and array of prints ensure that your child stands out in style.


Toys at From The Stork Bespoke Baby are more than just playthings; they are tokens of love and imagination. From handcrafted wooden toys that hark back to the timeless classics, to the latest in innovative educational toys, From The Stork Bespoke Baby offers an assortment that will pique your child’s curiosity and stimulate their development. As you wander through the store, you’ll discover a treasure trove of stuffed animals, rattles and teethers, each one ready to bring joy to your little one’s heart. Personalised toys not only add a unique touch but also create a bond between the child and their new playmate.


The comforters, blankets and accessories are nothing short of heavenly. Soft, cuddly, and designed with the utmost care, these precious products are made to provide warmth, comfort, and security. The beautiful range available make for great gifts and items that will be cherished.


Our children become our greatest treasures. We strive to give them the best in every aspect, and From The Stork Bespoke Baby complements this pursuit beautifully. Stepping into this store is like entering a world where the enchantment of childhood reigns supreme. From The Stork Bespoke Baby offers an unrivalled shopping experience. The attentive and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you in choosing the perfect gift, whether it’s for your own little one or a friend or family member’s child. The personalisation process is seamless, you can even watch as your chosen item is lovingly customised right before your eyesSo, as you stroll through the Affinity shopping centre, create lasting memories for little ones and make a stop at From The Stork Bespoke Baby. Your children deserve nothing less, and neither do you.


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