FEASTED Restaurant

FEASTED is more than delicious food. Our restaurant is a base for knowledge and development, both professionally and personal. Exploring context around food and hospitality is our connection to the future; the current food system is clearly defective, and we know that thoughtful micro changes at a local level will push us in a better direction. Simultaneously we know that culinary exploration can be a vehicle for encouraging growth and empowerment. How do we marry the two and use food centric education to inspire and encourage growth in all directions?
As you step into our kitchen you will notice that we have a strikingly young team, an entirely conscious choice. We work with young chefs to raise ambition and broaden patterns of thinking, enabling them in time to inspire others alongside creating excellent food. Parallel to this we work closely with our community to nurture confidence and boost autonomy of health and well-being. We always strive to include those hardest to reach in our society. People come to us from all walks of life, with complex stories and backgrounds. Over the past 12 months we have run workshops with the long-term unemployed; those with mental health difficulties; special education needs; asylum seekers and refugees; YMCA residents; school children of all ages and those at risk of exclusion. Our workshops often involve giving back to the community, developing recipes and skills, and using this as a tool to feed and educate the wider population of our city. What may seem like a complex task is realistically quite simple; EDUCATE > FEED > EMPOWER > GIVE BACK > THRIVE.


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