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Art exhibition “Colour of the Zodiac” to take place at Burton Library

The art exhibition “Colour of the Zodiac” is set to take place at Burton Library from March 19th to April 13th. Visitors will have the opportunity to view 12 original art pieces, each representing a different star sign.

Local artist Valerie Ro delves into the exploration of each zodiac sign through the use of colour and texture. Colour gives a profound insight into the character and personality of each of the 12 zodiac signs aiding the discovery of their elemental associations.

Valerie Ro is a trained astrologist and colour therapist. ‘Colour of the Zodiac’ is her 2nd solo exhibition, for which she used her knowledge and understanding to craft this distinctive collection.

We invite you to come and witness the vibrant hues and interpretations that promise a deeper understanding of your own star sign through the healing power of colour.

If you like to experience the healing power of colour for yourself , Valerie is very excited to be running a number of Colour Therapy workshops in 2024.

For more infomration, contact Valerie Ro.

Website: valastroart.com

Email: val@valastroart.com


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