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Multi-award-winning skin and laser clinic Harley Skin & Laser Clinic

Harley Skin & Laser Clinic is a multi award winning skin and laser clinic based in Porthill Newcastle Under Lyme. With an extensive and ever-growing treatment menu, they truly offer something for everyone. Harley, the Founder and Clinical Director of Harley Skin & Laser, is an advocate of quality equipment. Since opening in 2009, she has invested a great deal financially into the site to produce the safest and most effective results.

As their name would suggest, lasers are a key tool of this Clinic’s trade. Their on-site Laser room boasts an impressive 5 lasers to treat a broad spectrum of conditions. Unsurprisingly, one of their most popular treatments is laser tattoo removal, treating over 20 tattooed clients on a regular day. Laser Hair Removal, the process of using pulses of laser light to prevent the hair follicles from growing new hair, is their second most popular treatment. This method is great for clients who suffer from skin rashes caused by shaving and other less-permanent hair removal solutions. Lasers really are at the core of their day-to-day working lives. The Clinicians use them to treat pigmentation, skin lesions, acne, thread veins, birthmarks, cherry angiomas, scarring, and many other conditions.

Skin confidence is one of the driving factors behind the business. Harley Skin & Laser’s clients embrace their natural beauty by regularly attending facials, chemical peels and by applying Harley Skincare: the clinic’s very own range of cosmeceutical creams, masks and serums.

Harley Skin and Laser is home to several state-of-the-art non surgical face and body shaping machines to provide you with the perfect pamper session. A current favourite with their clients is the BTL Lymphastim suit, a mechanical body suit that provides stimulation of the lymphatic glands to aid with post-liposuction healing, muscle therapy, reduce cellulite, improve heavy leg syndrome and improve excessive swelling and water retention.

The clinic also has a growing number of clients who visit for skin tightening treatments to the face and body.  Body shaping treatments using the FDA approved  BTL Vanquish Me combined with the Exilis Ultra 360  have been most impressive for people considering weight loss solutions.  The Radiofrequency Exilis Ultra 360 stimulates the collagen to smoothing out wrinkles, fine lines and signs of aging to reveal a younger glowing looking skin.

Recently, Harley Skin & Laser have partnered with Map My Mole to offer in-clinic mole screening. During this service, the Practitioner screens the client’s moles using a Dermatoscope before sending the images off to the Consult Dermatologists over at Map My Mole. Within 48 hours a full report is sent to both the clinic and client detailing the skin lesion. Advice is then given as to whether the mole is safe to be left in situ, suitable for a Cryotherapy removal session or requires further screening. If the Dermatologists suspect that the mole requires further investigation, they will hand the client’s care over to the NHS for screening tests. Since launching Cryotherapy in-clinic, the team are able to freeze off unwanted skin lesions, skin tags and moles – leaving you feeling clear and confident.


The Clinical Director Harley, who is responsible for laser and many of the skincare treatments, is a finalist for the SOS Beauty Award’s Laser Technician of the year 2024. As the awards ceremony is sponsored by leading awarding bodies such as Qualifi and is judged by a panel of expert judges who are international award winners and trainers, she couldn’t be prouder to have her talents recognised.

Harley Skin & Laser welcome new and returning clients with open arms. They have several consultations available to discuss the treatment of a broad spectrum of skin concerns. Their laser consultation is free of charge and the cost of a skin concern consultation can be redeemed against any of their skincare products. In the very rare event of them being unable to offer a treatment, the girls are always happy to refer you to one of their many connections in the Dermatological field. Start your skin and laser journey today, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.



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