A young family with two toddler children standing on beach on summer holiday.

The Importance of “Me Time” for Parents During a Summer Holiday

A family holiday is always a great chance to escape and show your kids the beauty of the world. While a lot of the trip will inevitably be focused on the kids, you should not overlook the importance of taking time for yourself on a family holiday. A holiday is for everyone in the family and a chance for you to recharge your batteries.


Stress Reduction

Life is inevitably stressful when you are a parent. In addition to looking after the kids and keeping them happy, many parents also have jobs, chores, their own parents, and other responsibilities to manage. This can make it feel like you have practically no time to yourself, so it is important to take advantage of a vacation by scheduling in some “me time”. This can help you escape your daily routine and the stress of life, recharge your batteries and enjoy some peace and quiet.


It is helpful to plan a family holiday that will be fun and allow you to enjoy activities both together and apart. Family activity holidays will help you create new memories whether you are learning to surf, mountain biking, or tennis. These holidays are also ideal for taking me-time as you can try activities by yourself or take advantage of kids clubs with free childcare.


Mental & Emotional Well-Being

In addition to reducing stress, “me time” is also important for mental and emotional well-being. When you have kids, you inevitably put them first and prioritize their happiness and well-being after your own. While this is perfectly natural, it is also potentially problematic. If you do not take the time to check in with yourself and manage your emotions, issues can emerge that can significantly impact your well-being and lifestyle.


Taking some time to reconnect with yourself on holiday will help you process your thoughts and emotions away from the stresses of life. This is why many people return from vacations feeling motivated and ready to make positive changes in their lives.


Additionally, it is important to look after your own emotional well-being from a parenting perspective. It is much easier to be an attentive, positive, and supportive parent when you are happy and calm in your own life.


Setting a Positive Example

Another good reason to take some time for yourself is to set a positive example. It is important to show your kids that they need to be in tune with their mental health and take time for self-care. Mental health issues are on the rise in younger generations, and issues like depression and anxiety can interfere with all areas of life. This is why it is also a good idea to talk openly about mental health with your kids from a young age and encourage them to express how they are feeling.


Family vacations can be great fun and present the opportunity to show your kids the world and make happy memories as a family. While your focus will be on making sure that the kids have an unforgettable experience, you must also take time for yourself. Vacations present a rare opportunity for some quality time to check in with yourself and unwind. Life can be stressful as a parent, so you should not feel guilty about scheduling some time for yourself, particularly as this can help you be the best possible parent to your kids and a positive role model.


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