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Tips for Staying Productive as a Remote Worker

Around one in six adults worked solely from home between September 2022 and January 2023. It’s become increasingly common and offers plenty of advantages. Cutting out the commute saves time and money and provides added flexibility to your day. But there are plenty of challenges and productivity features high on that list.

The lack of a traditional office environment can prove a difficult adjustment. Being at home can lead to distractions such as partners, children, pets, and other everyday occurrences. So, how can you stay productive as a remote worker? Here are five top tips.

Create a Suitable Workspace

The first step is to create a space that’s conducive to working. It helps to have a dedicated area where you can separate yourself. This could be a spare bedroom or a garage – somewhere quiet for concentrating and making calls.

Remove Distractions

A wandering mind can be tough to avoid. For example, working in the living room with the television on can seem appealing. But you might become engrossed in what’s on, and your productivity is bound to suffer. It’s also unlikely you’d sit at your desk scrolling on your phone for long periods in an office. Try to steer clear of that temptation even when away from the prying eyes of your boss.

Enjoy a Change of Scenery

Why not make the most of the flexibility that being remote offers? A change of scenery can do you good. You could mix things up by clocking in from a local café or library one day a week. Using a VPN is especially important when on public Wi-Fi, also to avoid CAPTCHAs and other interruptions that could lead to distractions.

Manage Your Workflow

Some workdays can feel overwhelming. If you look at everything you must do as one large task, it can seem daunting, and you’re likely to put off starting. But you’ll be able to take a different mindset by breaking down the day into smaller tasks. Make a list, cross items off as they are completed, and you’ll soon feel like you’re getting somewhere.

Take Regular Breaks

No matter where you work, your mind needs a rest at times. Take five minutes to get a drink or a snack, or head out for a short walk and some fresh air. Stepping away from your work for a while can help you find solutions to the problems you were struggling to fix.


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