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How To Shave Correctly For Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you’re gearing up for a laser hair removal treatment, ensuring a smooth and effective session starts with a correct pre-shave. Shaving the targeted area properly beforehand is essential to maximise the results of your treatment.

Harley Skin & Laser Clinic in Staffordshire specialise in laser hair removal and have multiple lasers in their laser lab. Often clinics are only equipped to treat certain skin colours but Harley Skin & Laser pride themselves in being able to treat all skin colours and types, alternating between the Alexandrite and ND YAG laser.

They have prepared a guide covering the how-to of mastering the art of pre-laser hair removal shaving and unlocking the full potential of your laser session.

Why Do You Need Multiple Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

Our Laser expert and Managing Director Harley Spencer explains why

“During the hair growth cycle, hair goes through three distinct stages. Firstly, there’s the Anagen stage, which represents the active growth phase. During this period, hair follicles are actively producing new hair cells, leading to noticeable hair growth.

Following the Anagen stage is the Catagen stage, which serves as a transitional phase. In this stage, hair growth halts, and the hair follicles undergo a brief regression before preparing for the next growth cycle.

Lastly, we have the Telogen stage, commonly referred to as the resting phase. During this period, hair follicles are at rest, and the old hair remains in place while new hair starts forming beneath it.

This cycle continues as hair follicles move back into the Anagen phase, kickstarting a new round of active growth. Understanding these stages is crucial for various hair treatments, such as laser hair removal, as they target hair during the Anagen phase for the most effective results.”

She continues “When the laser targets the root of the hair, it can only work on hair in the Anagen phase, as this is the only time the root is connected to Dermal Papilla”.

How To Shave

Laser can only destroy a certain percentage of the total hair per session – the ones in the Anagen stage. This is because we don’t know which hair is on the Anagen right phase at the time of your treatment, meaning on your next hair removal session the laser will target and break down the next section of hair that is in the Anagen phase. This repeats until all the hair has been destroyed over the course of sessions. This is the reason we need several sessions of laser to fully remove all of the hair.

Laser Hair Removal: Regularity Is The Key!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is scheduled every 4-6 weeks, this means starting your laser hair removal journey can be a commitment.

When it comes to achieving smooth and hair-free skin through laser hair removal, regularity is the key to success. Laser hair removal is a highly effective method to reduce and eliminate unwanted hair, but it requires a series of treatments to achieve optimal results. The reason behind this lies in the hair growth cycle. Hair grows in different phases, and the laser can only target hair during its active growth phase (Anagen). Since not all hair follicles are in this phase simultaneously, multiple sessions are needed to catch each follicle during its most susceptible stage. Consistent and scheduled treatments ensure that all targeted hair follicles receive adequate exposure to the laser, leading to gradual hair reduction over time. By embracing a routine and adhering to the recommended treatment schedule, individuals can unlock the full potential of laser hair removal and revel in the long-lasting benefits of smooth, hair-free skin.

Pre-Laser Hair Removal Treatment Shaving Tips

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming laser hair removal session or haven’t shaved in a while, it’s easy to forget the essentials of preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn, or skin irritations. So, here’s a timely reminder to help you out!

Shaving Tip #1. Have a warm shower or bath

This is a great way to soften your skin and open up your pores. You’ll get the most out of your shaving and lessen the possibility of side effects.

Shaving Tip #2. Exfoliate

(You should NOT exfoliate after shaving as it may cause skin irritation) While in the shower use a loofah or gentle scrub to exfoliate the area you want to shave. This will get rid of dead skin and help the razor to glide over your skin, giving you a closer and longer-lasting shave.

Shaving Tip #3. Apply shaving cream or gel

Always use shaving cream or gel as it prevents your skin from burning or resulting in cuts. To make your shave smoother, when you get out of the shower apply some oil, rinse off and then use shaving cream or gel. If your skin is well-hydrated and you are using the right products you will reduce the risk of skin irritations, ingrown hairs or razor burns.

Shaving Tip #4. While shaving

Always use a fresh razor as old or clogged razors won’t work well and can irritate your skin. Also, make sure you don’t go over the same area too many times and rinse the razor frequently.

Shaving Tip #5. After shaving

Rinse thoroughly with cold water to close your pores then use a soft towel and lightly pat dry. Moisturise with light body oil or cream as shaving may dry out your skin. For those who experience them, try to prevent shaving while you are on your period, as your skin will be more sensitive and this can cause irritation.

Different Body Parts, Different Shaving Methods

When it comes to grooming, various body parts demand different shaving methods for optimal results, understanding the unique needs of each body part is vital to mastering the art of shaving and maintaining a polished and groomed appearance.

Shaving Underarms:

Underarm hair usually grows in different directions. So shaving in one direction may not be enough. For the best result, lift your arm above your head and shave in short strokes in all directions. You should wait 1-2 hours before applying any deodorant to avoid irritation.

Shaving Bikini Area:

Skin on your bikini area is more sensitive so you should shave gently. Shave in the direction of the hair growth first, and then you can go against the hair growth direction for a closer shave. Make sure to use special creams such as Harley Sooth (post-laser treatment balm) to eliminate the irritation. Many moisturisers may not be suitable for your skin in the bikini area.

Different Shaving Methods

Getting Ready For Your Next Laser Hair Removal Appointment: The Necessary Steps

Avoid a sun tan

If you’re preparing for your laser hair removal treatment and are spending time outside in the sun, please make sure to use Harley Skincare SPF50 at all times to avoid a tan! If your skin is tanned from the sun, sunbeams or tanning lotions you will need to wait 4-6 weeks for it to fade to restart your treatment.

Avoid Waxing or Tweezing

You should not wax or tweeze or do anything that pulls the hair from the root for at least 6 weeks before your laser hair removal appointment.

Shave prior to your laser treatment

Ideally, you should shave 12 hours before coming to your hair removal appointment. Be sure to use a clean new razor before your appointment so no bacteria that can cause contact dermatitis can linger after your treatment.

Check your skincare

Some products can cause irritation so we may advise you to stop using them a few days prior to treatment. For the best results post-treatment, we would always recommend ‘Soothe’ from the Harley Skincare range, this will help nourish and soothe irritation while promoting a faster skin recovery.

Cleanse your skin!

On the day of your appointment make sure that your skin is clean and free of any deodorants, perfumes, creams and cosmetics. Be sure to wear loose clothing as tight-fitted clothing may be uncomfortable after your treatment.

Staffordshire Hair Removal Treatments

If you are considering starting your laser hair removal journey within the Staffordshire area, we here at Harley Skin & Laser Clinic will always support you in looking your best, contact us now at 01782 611001 or send an email to info@harleyskinandlaser.co.uk to learn more about the laser hair removal process.

We pride ourselves on always providing you with the latest and most innovative technology available to us. With this we are able to provide the very best service to you every time. Join the Harley Skin & Laser journey on our Instagram

Staffordshire Hair Removal Treatments

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