Top 3 games to play with friends

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, hosting a games night, or just looking for some lively entertainment, it’s important to keep things light. In this article, we’ll cover three of the most interactive and exciting games, perfect for making lasting memories with friends.

These games are sure to bring your group together, encourage friendly competition, and get you laughing all evening.


Our top 3 party games to play with friends

  1. Charades

Charades is one of the ultimate classics. This universal party game never fails to entertain and can be played with family, friends, or even work colleagues!

All you need to do is divide players into chosen teams, then take it in turns to act out specific words or phrases – and it turns into a big guessing game. Charades vary according to game type, but you’ll usually find categories including film, television, and novels.

Whether it’s a movie title or the name of a famous actor, players must take turns acting out their chosen subject without speaking a single word. Players on the other team must guess within a time limit – or the point goes to the opposition. If you’re playing in person, it’s worth using an egg timer or an online game timer to keep the suspense going.

  1. Bingo

For something a little bit more suspenseful, it’s time to discover the joy of bingo with friends.

For creative and personalised bingo parties, you could make your own bingo cards filled with inside jokes, memories shared together, or even themed images. This game is also incredibly versatile, so you can play classic bingo online or in person with your pals.

Don’t know the rules already? It’s simple: in classic 90-ball bingo, each player starts with a ticket containing randomly picked numbers between 1 and 90, dispersed on a grid. During the game, numbers are picked and announced at random by the game caller.

The aim of bingo is to mark off – or dab, as you’d say in the game – a horizontal or vertical line of numbers, as they’re called out, to win a prize. Even better: dab all your numbers to win the jackpot with a full house!


  1. Trivia

Ready to test your knowledge with friends?

In a trivia showdown, you can use physical cards or online resources to challenge yourself and your friends with a range of questions and topics. From pop culture to modern history, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your own party.

A few creative ideas for your theme could include:

  • Backwards trivia: Where teams receive an answer and must work out the question
  • Cinema trivia: With potential categories including actors, soundtracks, and awards
  • Music trivia: Questions based on the official UK Top 40 and music through the ages

Or, why not build your own quiz? If you’re hosting a dinner party with close friends, you could choose topics that are closely connected to personal experiences and anecdotes between you. The possibilities are almost endless.


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