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A Galactic Adventure Awaits at Affinity Staffordshire!

Star Wars enthusiasts and cosmic explorers alike are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey to a galaxy not so far, far away, at Affinity Staffordshire on May 28th and 29th, from 10 am to 4 pm. Brace yourselves for an event that will transport attendees straight into the heart of the beloved Star Wars universe, where Jedis, Stormtroopers, and iconic characters eagerly await their arrival for this FREE family-friendly extravaganza.


Jedi Lightsaber Training Masterclasses: Ignite Your Inner Hero!


Attendees can find themselves wielding a lightsaber like a true Jedi Master as they join the fun packed kids’ Jedi Lightsaber Training Masterclasses led by none other than an actual stuntman from the Star Wars films. Participants will train in the art of lightsaber combat, master the techniques of the Jedi, and harness the power of the Force within. Whether they’re novices or seasoned Jedis, these masterclasses are guaranteed to awaken their inner hero.

Classes will span approximately 30 minutes each and will run throughout both days starting from 10:30 am, with the final session commencing at 3 pm. No prior booking is required; attendees simply need to show up on the day. However, as demand is expected to be high, organizers will begin taking names for morning classes from 10 am and afternoon classes from 1 pm to minimize waiting times, especially for young padawans. Please note that spaces are limited, and if attendees are not at the designated area 5 minutes before the start of their class, their spot may be allocated to another attendee. Arriving early is advised to avoid disappointment!


Meet Your Beloved Characters: Heroes, Villains, and More!


Attendees will have the opportunity to encounter their favourite characters from the films, with special appearances throughout both days. From gallant heroes to nefarious villains, attendees can interact with their favourite characters as they roam the venue, engaging with shoppers. Selfies can be captured with Stormtroopers, banter can be exchanged with Bounty Hunters, and jokes can be shared with Jedis as attendees are visiting.

May the Force guide you on your adventure to Affinity Staffordshire as they celebrate the timeless legacy of Star Wars. This unforgettable experience promises fun for the whole family! Visit https://www.affinitystaffordshire.com for more details.


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