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Raising Voices, Raising Hope: The Borgen Project’s Fight for Global Poverty Alleviation

While volunteering at a refugee camp during the 1999 Kosovo War, Clint Borgen recognised that the US could do more to combat humanitarian crises and extreme poverty by making global
poverty alleviation a priority of US foreign policy. In 2003, he founded ‘The Borgen Project’ to ensure that global poverty alleviation is a foreign policy focus and “fights for the underdog”.
For over a decade, The Borgen Project has successfully elevated the conversation surrounding poverty alleviation and grown as a force for meaningful change.

Mission of the UK Chapter

In 2022, The Borgen Project opened its UK Chapter. Through strategic advocacy and grassroots mobilisation, the UK Chapter works tirelessly to ensure that global poverty alleviation remains at the forefront of UK foreign policy and to create a more equitable and prosperous world for all. Our mission is to advocate for the importance of a rise in Official Development Assistance (ODA) to its original 0.7%. The ODA is an overseas aid fund designed to strengthen global peace, security and governance, resilience and response to humanitarian and political crises, promote
global prosperity, and tackle extreme poverty. At its core, the ODA expresses solidarity and compassion, signalling the UK’s commitment to addressing all facets of poverty and inequality.

In 2021, the government reduced ODA to 0.5% of the UK’s Gross National Income. The human toll has been devastating. The reduction scrapped six core ODA-funded programs, implying
100,000 preventable deaths. A further 500,000 women and children in Yemen no longer have access to healthcare, 200,000 women across Africa are now vulnerable to unsafe abortions and
childbirth, and 27,000 children in South Sudan are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Civil society organisations designed to protect girls against Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia,
promote financial inclusion in Nigeria, support girls’ access to education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and stabilise electoral processes are also at imminent risk of being eliminated,
threatening countless lives and futures.


#Raise0.7% is not just a matter of policy but a moral imperative that speaks volumes to our values as compassionate and responsible global citizens.
Your Voice Matters
Here’s where you play your part. Our voices carry significant weight in shaping political decisions. Every call, email, or letter to our MPs demonstrates our communal commitment to supporting
legislation that builds a more equitable world, increasing the chance of Parliament discussing ODA, hopefully resulting in its rise to 0.7% and ensuring that vital foreign aid resources are
allocated where needed most. To become a political advocate for change and demonstrate your support for the ODA, email your MP today using this link:
Global issues are interconnected challenges that demand collective action. Our challenges are inherently intertwined, transcending borders and impacting lives globally. We can create lasting
change that reverberates for future generations by utilising our voices and supporting meaningful legislation. I urge you to learn more about The Borgen Project by visiting https:// and Use your voice today and change tomorrow.


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