Giving Your Car a Full Makeover

If you’re going to invest in a vehicle, then it’s only right that you enjoy the way it looks. A few aesthetic tweaks can help to personalise a vehicle, while providing the ‘wow’ factor that will help you to stand out in traffic.

Giving your car a makeover isn’t too difficult, either. Let’s take a look at some of the key steps involved.

Refresh the exterior

It’s best to start with the outside of the vehicle. Wash it thoroughly, making sure you’re paying attention to the awkward bits around mirrors and wheel arches. Then, apply a coat of wax. If you want a deeper clean, or there are scratches and other imperfections to contend with, then you might instead look for a professional service.

Upgrade the wheels

The right set of wheels can really make a difference to the overall look of the vehicle. A good set of alloys, or aftermarket wheels, can elevate everything else. While you’re doing this, you might also refresh the tyres – which will often have a significant impact on the performance of the vehicle. You can buy tyres online and have your local mechanic fit them. Or, if you have the time and the skill, you can fit them yourself.

Refresh the interior

The inside of the car is where you’ll be spending the most time. Thus, it’s worth spending extra care and attention here. Give the upholstery and dashboard a deep clean. You might even pay for a full valet service. Swapping out your existing seats for aftermarket leather ones can lend the vehicle a touch of luxury. The same applies to heated seats and other features usually found only in high-end vehicles.

Modifications might also be made to the infotainment system. New speakers and drivers can make a big difference to the quality of sound, and help you to enjoy your music and podcasts more conveniently with the help of Bluetooth. You might even install a visor mount and have the phone directly in your field of view.

Performance enhancements

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of swapping out your tyres. But there are other affordable performance upgrades that can make life on the road more pleasant. Suspension upgrades can make the ride smoother and more efficient, while a new exhaust system can make a difference to your motoring power while altering the look of your vehicle from the rear end.