3D Face Lift – the NEW non-surgical face lift with 3D filler!

The latest innovation in non-surgical cosmetic treatment has been dubbed the ‘3D Face Lift’. The name has been coined because the new procedure uses a revolutionary new generation filler that mimics the 3D biostructure of the skin.

The new 3D Facelift Lift is the first procedure to incorporate the new 3D filler, called Plinest, and combine it with bio-compatible collagen threads (the puppet face lift technique) to create the ultimate ‘3D Face Lift’.

The two- step procedure combines;

  1. 3D filler – Plinest is a new generation of filler, recently developed in Italy, that offers a new concept called ‘3D vitalisation’. In short this means that rather than just ‘filling in’ wrinkles and creases, Plinest replenishes the bio structure of the skin, effectively creating a 3D replacement of depleted skin tissue. Results last up to a year. Plinest is an inject-able gel made up of polynucleotides plus hyaluronic acid. Polynucleotides increase the elasticity and tone of the skin and regenerate and stimulate the secretion of fibroblasts. Hyaluronic acid increases volume and moisture content.
  1. Puppet String Lift – Bio compatible ‘wires’ are threaded under the skin via a needle and are tightened to lift the skin. The wires are made from polylactic acid (PLA) and are entirely adsorbed into the body over time. They give an immediate and natural skin lift, with progressive restoration of lost collagen, with results lasting up to two years.

Beauty blogger, Lorna Oakley, 38, from The Vale of Glamorgan in Wales is the first person in the UK to have the new 3D Facelift and she tells us about the procedure!

Lorna Oakley, 

“I’m not a fan of a lot of makeup. My daily beauty routine involves no more than a scrim of tinted moisturiser and some fake tan. I am also partial to a red lipstick from time to time.

I’m a firm believer of the less is more mantra, so I love time-saving techniques like my semi-permanent brows. But imagine you could have smoother, firmer and more lifted skin in just two hours!

Here are two pictures taken less than 24 hours apart. Neither have been photoshopped or filters applied. This is me before and immediately after having the new 3D Facelift.

Before & After

The picture on the right is literally minutes after treatment (I’m a little bit red). It’s subtle isn’t it? but it’s quick, safe and it works.

I’m 38. I don’t feel it, but sometimes I definitely look older.

I train most days, sometimes my sleep could be better and if I’m honest… when I was younger I used sunbeds far more than I should have. My diet is good, could be better, but who’s isn’t?

So, fast forward to Puerto Banus, Marbella, 4pm on a Monday afternoon. My best friend, her camera and I arrived at the Graal Clinic for my 3D Facelift. It’s a five-minute walk from the boutiques and bars of the port.

Dr Elena Arias

The first thing I noticed is the clinic itself. Immaculate white walls, white furniture and chrome fixtures. Dr Arias, the owner of the Graal Clinic, greeted us and we were shown to one of the treatment rooms.

At this point, I have to admit, I was slightly nervous. In my wisdom four years ago, I’d had lip fillers in a Harley Street clinic and to be honest, part of the said fillers still remained. So anything to do with my face makes me a little anxious.

So, the treatment…

The 3D Facelift is carried out using a new generation (and not even heard of in the UK yet) ‘3D Filler’ called Plinest which was recently developed in Italy, combined with bio-compatible collagen threads (better known as the puppet face lift technique)

This sounds a lot in two hours, but Dr Arias’ confident touch meant that instead of pausing, she seamlessly talked through the treatment whilst applying numbing cream to my face and neck.

It was also reassuring that she answered every question (however silly in my case) within a split second. This woman clearly knew her stuff.

To start, the much anticipated Plinest 3D filler was injected, with what felt like dozens of small pin pricks, followed by the thread lift, which were deeper needles. The effects were instant, it was quite unnerving too be honest. I’ve always been lucky with high cheek bones but this created a much tighter jaw line and visibly smoother skin on the lower part of my face.

Dr Arias told me the full effects would not be seen for two weeks, but already it was looking impressive.

The pain was minimal, the sensations of the threads pulling was a bit unnerving but overall Dr Arias was amazing.

The most painful part of the treatment wasn’t actually the 3D Facelift itself, it was when Dr Arias kindly removed my lip filler from the previous Dr using an injectable solution.

Lorna 24 hours after the procedure

To conclude, this only highlights why you should go to a Dr or surgeon who is as qualified as Dr Arias and do your research. It’s scary that you or I could actually buy fillers online!

We walked away from the clinic with me feeling and looking surprisingly normal considering I’d just had a facelift and by 7pm we were choosing our dinner (without a glass of wine I may add). Clearly no alcohol for a day or two and no training for a day or two.

Over the next few days there was bruising on my right cheek bone, it was hardly noticeable, however; it does vary from person to person.

I am always as truthful as I can be in what I write, maybe this kind of treatment is not for everyone. But would I do it again? Absolutely YES. The results are beyond what I had expected.”

The new 3D Facelift Lift is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes between 1-2 hours.

Although there may be some minimal swelling after the procedure the patient is able to continue as normal straight after the procedure and there is no down time for recovery.

The NEW 3D Facelift costs approximately £900 and is exclusively available at the Graal Clinic, Marbella. This procedure can be carried out during a day return trip from London. Visit www.graalclinicpuertobanus.com

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