7 tips for how to combat the cold

Beat the blues this winter with our simple tricks to stay bright and breezy

combat the cold
Beat the January blues with these top winter lifestyle hacks

January has its blessings, but it can also be a challenging month to get through! Money is tight after festive spending, the weather is dreary and you may have even given up alcohol (as well as getting dressed on Sundays). Let’s face it, you’d rather be curled up in your leopard print dressing gown on the sofa with leftover Christmas cheese and the remaining Quality Street than getting your recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week.

I mean, how on earth are we supposed to be motivated when we can’t even commit to one Netflix show at a time? 

It can be so easy to switch to hibernation mode during these cold winter evenings, but LIVING is here to give you some top tips for how to combat the cold and stay on point this January.

1. Soak up some sunlight

A lack of sunlight can leave you feeling like a sloth and can disrupt your natural sleep cycle. Take every chance you get to pop outdoors and soak up some natural daylight, even if it’s just on your lunch break, and try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day.

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2. Exercise and meditation

Going back to work, sorting out that list of problems you’ve been putting off for ages and getting back into a busy routine can all combine to create stress. You feel pressured to get everything done during shorter daylight hours and it can all make you feel tired and lethargic, so try to exercise or meditate to balance out any negativity.

Not loving the idea of running in the winter chill with the cold night air swirling around your ankles? Try signing up for an indoor class like salsa dancing, yoga or badminton. If you’re not yet ready to be seen in public sweating and wheezing, try some YouTube work outs at home in front of the telly. #SummerBodiesAreMadeInTheWinter

3. Eat more fruit and veg

Have you finally devoured the last of the party food in the freezer? It’s time to turn to comforting winter vegetables and soups and possibly even explore some veg you don’t normally add to the menu. Remember to add more garlic and onions to your dishes as they contain potent oils that have an anti-microbial action, so they may help protect against bacterial and viral infections!

4. Have a hot and cold shower

Stay with us on this one but studies have found that varying the temperature of a daily shower from hot to cold (about every 2-3 minutes) creates a fierce body response increasing white blood cell production to keep you healthy. Failing that, it will certainly wake you up!

5. Remember that every little counts

A rubbish run is better than no run at all, and a 20-minute brisk walk is better than nothing, so if you don’t feel up to starting that marathon training chart you may have over-enthusiastically pinned to your wall, that’s completely OK.

6. Look after yo’ self

Winter weather hates your skin and hair, so you’re going to want to re-hydrate with moisturisers, plenty of water, face masks, hair masks, conditioner, and basically anything which will help you not look like a walnut. Long luxurious baths can also help you rehydrate and de-stress.

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7. Check in with friends

It can be so easy to feel lonely over the winter period, so checking in with friends is always a good idea. Pop someone a text to ask them what’s up, or arrange a movie night in and treat yourselves to some Prosecco and pizza (well, we don’t have to be good all the time).

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