Body confidence influencers

Our top body confidence influencers to follow on Instagram

We love these girls for making us feel beautiful, confident and simply normal every day!

We all love social media but isn’t it about time we saw some normality when we scroll through our feed every day? We took to Instagram to search out our top body confidence influencers and we think you’ll agree they have got style, sass and plenty of skin – and it’s just how we like it! 

For all the Kylie and Kendell Jenners that pop up on our feeds, you should be safe in the knowledge that there is a normal, unfiltered (just as interesting, if not more) woman coming next. And these are our absolute favourite! 

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1. Charlotte Pierce 

Charlotte is an advocate for self love and social change through her Instagram account which has a whopping 41.5k followers. Her posts hope to uncover what the reality is behind the filters, lighting and camera angles of ‘picture-perfect’ Instagram models. She regularly shows her fans what really pops up on her camera roll from tummy rolls to double chins, skin blemishes to cellulite. Follow her to feel good: @charlottepeirce_ 

2. Chessie King 

Presenter, doula and author Chessie King shares her journey of accepting her body and dealing with her own health issues through her Instagram account which has a staggering 830k fans, including Fearne Cotton, Dani Dyer and Davina Mccall. She encourages women to believe in themselves before they believe in other people’s opinions on how you should look and regularly posts real photos of her body to encourage fans to love who they are. Follow her to have a social big sister: @chesshiekingg

body confidence influencers to follow
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Taking time out at Staffordshire’s lakeside spa – Moddershall Oaks
body confidence influencers

3. Emily Clarkson 

Emily Clarkson is a self-confessed ‘oversharer’ and a ‘feminist-y’ writer who speaks to a massive 121k fans through her popular Instagram account. She regularly posts photos to uncover just what makeup, lighting and filters have done to that ‘perfect’ face we see on our feeds. And strives to normalise bodies with frank and to-the-point narrative. She is an advocate for women not be shamed or discriminated against. Follow her to feel empowered: @em_clarkson

4. Danae Mercer

Based in the UAE, Danae Mercer is an influencer and journalist, writing for publications such as Cosmo ME, CNN, The Times and the Guardian. She uses her Instagram platform reaching a huge 2 million followers to expose the tricks that influencers use top make their bodies look picture perfect. She uses videos and images to show just how a little change in lighting or a slight movement can alter to way an image comes across in our feeds – it’s insane stuff! Follow her to finally debunk those photos: @danaemercer

5. Nadia Sawalha

Straight talking, Loose Women regular, Nadia’s Instagram feed is followed by 325k people. And while she covers a lot of topics such as food, cooking, her family and work, she’s also no stranger to getting her kit off and posing up a storm to show how real women can look just as good naked as the models we see jamming up our feeds and knocking our confidence! Follow her for a good reality check: @nadiasawalha

6. Celeste Barber 

The Australian phenomenon that is Celeste Barber has a staggering 7.3m followers including a whole host of celebrity fans – from Jo Whiley to Gwyneth Paltrow. Her aim is to make us feel good and she manages it with every single post. Her signature content is funny and unfiltered remakes of posts from various model feeds, usually rolling around on the beach or in the midst of a complicated yoga pose, emphasising the unattainable nature of most of our social media feeds. Follow her for a good old laugh and a smile: @celestebarber

Love these influencers? Check out accounts @beauty.false and @celebface for even more reality checks on the looks of famous celebrities. 

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