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The impact of covid on home interiors during 2021

In the UK, homeowners have splurged more than £7.5 billion on home improvements during 2020 compared to 2019.

As the initial lockdown fear subsided and we all came to the realisation that any luxury holiday, travel, weekend away, fine dining and any form of  entertainment as well as the designer dress / wedding dress were to be metaphorically locked away in the cupboard for the foreseeable future, we decided on average the spend £4,000 on home improvements and for many readers far more.  

I recently went to a local large tile retailer for my client and the sales director whispered to me that Covid was frankly a license to print money.’ Clearly the home improvement stores are thriving and so are the tradesmen who are in demand.  

As the first lockdown took place in Spring and Summer it was no surprise to see long lines of people queue at garden centres as garden upgrades were top of the lockdown renovation list closely followed by livings rooms,  bedrooms and kitchens.  

home nightclub
Home Nightclub

The lack of freedom has never been so severely curtailed so it is no surprise that the one positive that we can control is our immediate environment were in effect trapped in and many homeowners cited adding value to their home as the main reason.  

There has also been zoom embarrassment over the appearance of our homes. Zoom is quite a novelty as we have all seen the state of everyones kitchens and living rooms on business calls.  

The most popular home additions have been: a garden / summer house or studio. There has been an upsurge in indoor gyms,  bike storage, self purpose home offices or a clever use of space where desks and chairs can neatly be added into a room for adults and childrens work. 

As restrictions ease during 2021 surely these improvements can only improve our sense of well being as we shift our thinking around what the function of our homes are now. Homes are now our work space, our classroom, our gym and entertainment space.  

My upgrade? Turning my conservatory into a Studio 54 nightclub for NYs Eve. It may become permanent.  

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