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Wedding gift ideas for discerning couples

Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift?

Yes, it’s that time of year when wedding season is in full swing and invitations are landing on the front door mat.

You’ve got your outfit sorted, stocked up on confetti and you’re all set – apart from the gift.

If you’re lucky your wedding couple will have created a list that you can choose something from.

Other couples, however, won’t be so formal about it and that leaves you with a huge question about what to buy.

Big decision

Wedding gifts feel like a minefield. The obvious choice is for practical household items? The only problem with that is you might not necessarily know the couple’s style and their home might all be furnished and complete anyway.

You might want to go for fun items or heartfelt options that show how you feel, but where to start?

Whatever your plans,  fear not as we’ve done the work for you and rounded up some items from the high street and online to help you on your way.


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