New cafe serves up cuppas for people and puppies

A new café boasting drinks for dogs and staff who are trained in mental health issues has opened in a city council house.

Lichfield District Council has unveiled Penni Uni on the ground floor if its HQ in Frog Lane.

It is decked out with colourful graffiti art and has been created in partnership with catering group Melbourne, which already runs a café nearby.

Organisers hope it will become a major hub for the city and that groups will use it as a meeting place.


General Manager Vee Stiles said: “We are passionate about serving the perfect coffee.

“We not only roast it ourselves, but we use home-made syrups with flavours including vanilla, honeycomb and white chocolate.

“We serve fruit smoothies, a range of stuffed cookies from Bostin Bakery, cakes and Jaffles (Australian toasties) with fillings including New York Deli, brie, bacon and cranberry, spicy vegan and cheese and bean.

“We want this cafe to be a community hub. If anyone is looking for a place to hold a meeting or event, please approach us.

“We also want to bring a little bit of Melbourne to the council offices. If people need to come for a drink and a chat we are here to lend an ear.

“We have all had mental health training – this is not only a safe space, it is a happy space.”


Penni Uni also serves doggie biscuits and pupaccinos so people can bring their four-legged friends for lunch.

Lichfield District Council leader Doug Pullen, said: “We are delighted with the opening of our Penni Uni café in District Council House.

“Run by Melbourne, which has established a very popular café in Bird Street, Penni Uni is a vibrant, attractive new place and we wish to thank owner Deborah Pease and her team for all their hard work in setting it up.

“Penni Uni café will help make our offices become a hub for the community whilst providing delicious refreshments for visitors and our staff.”

Penni Uni café is open 8am to 4pm every weekday.


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